Spectre James Bond official movie trailer

We love James Bond and can’t wait for the London film premiere this October!

So in the new film he is in deep trouble!! MI5 boss M finds out that he has set up his own secret mission to Mexico City, but it was a trip he couldn’t afford to miss after discovering a message in regards to a top secret criminal organisation.

Spectre James Bond movie trailer on MARKMEETS
Spectre James Bond movie trailer on MARKMEETS

With a new car and a new lover, now he just needs his every trace of his existence erased as he sets out to Rome to uncover this sinister mystery, while on the way meeting the only person with inside knowledge of this group; Lucia Sciarra, the widow of a notorious crime boss who informs Bond about SPECTRE. It soon becomes clear that Bond has a new enemy to face off against, though with every member of SPECTRE having some sort of link to 007, maybe this time the enemy’s not such a new face after all.


‘SPECTRE’ is the intense 24th James Bond movie and the fourth starring Daniel Craig. Oscar winner Sam Mendes (‘Skyfall’, ‘American Beauty’, ‘Road to Perdition’) is at the helm, in what he claims will be his last Bond movie, and writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (who wrote the previous four James Bond screenplays) are back, alongside Academy Award nominated John Logan (‘Penny Dreadful’, ‘The Last Samurai’).

Spectre is released in the UK on 26 October and in the US and Australia on 6 November.

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