Stormzy reveals all about collaborating with Ed Sheeran

Stormzy has opened up with regards to teaming up with Ed Sheeran for a remix of ‘Shape Of You’, which they performed together at the BRIT Awards this month.

Talking about the response people have had to them working together, he said: “I think everyone is quite proud and happy about it. Merging those two worlds. Me and Ed make totally different styles of music, but coming together for something like that; it’s a good thing.”

Stormzy sheeran

He went on to say “I find it strange and uncomfortable to aim for anything less than the greatest,” he says. “That doesn’t even make sense for me, that. If I was going to be an engineer or I was going to be a baker or I was going to be a fireman, why would I not aim to eventually be the greatest at my job? I’ve never understood why I should just try and be the best rapper in London, or even the best rapper in the UK. I don’t want to be the best rapper in the UK.

I want to be the best artist in the UK. That takes my competitors from 20 people to 100 people, because now they’re indie bands, female singers, soul singers, legends, rock icons that I’m competing with. In my head I’m like, ‘Why can’t I compete with them? Why can’t Stormzy from south London do that as well?’”

The 6ft 5in singer grew up in Norbury, near Croydon, with his mum, two sisters, Rachel and Sylvia, and a younger brother, Brandon.

Stormzy, who released his highly anticipated album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ last week, has just been added to the line-up for this year’s V Festival, which will be headlined by P!nk and Jay Z. 

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