The Final Girls trailer lands online

The first trailer for The Final Girls has arrived, showing Taissa Farmiga as Max, a teenager who heads out with her friends for a screening of her late mother’s final movie: Camp Bloodbath.

What starts as an innocent trip to the cinema turns meta when, through some bizarre twist, they’re catapulted into the movie.

The Final Girls movie poster

In The Final Girls, Max’s mother’s most famous film is known as the “grandaddy of all campsite slasher films.” In the aftermath of a fire while watching the film, Max and friends find themselves pulled into the world of the movie. Within the film, they must fight off the psychotic killer and survive until the end – “when a final girl takes out the bad guy and the credits roll.”

While the characters of Scream (a movie we all know) taught us the the rules of horror, suspense and humour, this troop of teens are forced to put those ideas into practice when confronted with the reality of the situation.

So there is a big emotional hit when Max befriends her mom (Malin Akerman), and a ton of blood thanks to the masked maniac stalking the bumbling teens.


The Final Girls riffs on the slasher genre of the ’70s and ’80s with glee. And by the looks of things, knowing the lore doesn’t necessarily mean you’re equipped to deal with it in reel life.

Find out who lives and who dies when The Final Girls opens in US theaters on October 9 and on UK home video October 12.

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