The Movie Industry Is Finally Making a Comeback

During the pandemic, the movie industry took a hard hit. It maintained by making major film productions available to stream literally any and everywhere. Streaming apps such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and Apple with its streaming app linking them all together skyrocketed during the pandemic. 

Looking at a March Apple earnings date, the company reported that their service shares went up 52% over the last year. This can be related to the movie industry’s pandemic streaming strategy. Thankfully, we are nearing the end of the pandemic which allows the movie industry to prepare to gradually come back to the big screen.

What Movies Can We Expect to Debut in Theatres?

The transition back to normalcy will be a slow and steady one. Some theatres will choose to only hold 25% to 50% of their max capacity until further notice. In the beginning, movies will still simultaneously premiere in cinemas and on our beloved streaming networks. 

According to the timeline of movie release dates, the projected box office hits will slowly be pulled from streaming networks, and eventually make their return strictly in theatres. In some cases, as with Warner Bros. and HBO Max, we are waiting for contracts made during COVID to run their course.

The Pandemics Impacted the Movie Industry

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, theatre companies lost billions of dollars, as with every other business around the world. AMC theatres closed many of their doors. Rumors spread that this would be the extinction of the big screen’s 120-year-old industry with the popularity of streaming and the mass shutdown teaming up at just the right time. Cineworld which owns and operates Regal Cinemas, the second-largest theatre chain in America, began re-opening its doors in American locations in April 2021. The Los Angeles film industry has been steadily increasing its filming outputs as well since then.

Behind the Scenes, a Business and Financial Shark Tank

Cineworld’s Chief Executive, Mooky Greidinger, was all too happy to announce the return of cinemas. The company has kept in communication with Warner Bros. and Disney, wheeling and dealing to make the return happen. This proves that the business and financial shark tank behind the scenes is alive and well. 

Warner Bros. has given Cineworld a 45-day window, while Disney is dead set on same-time premiers for their latest films like “Cruella.” At this time, no deals have been made with Paramount, Sony, or Universal. However, Universal has made prior deals with Cinemark and AMC. Cineworld’s Chief Executive is hopeful that in the weeks ahead, studios and cinemas will continue to work together to make deals and get movies back in theatres as soon as possible besides reality tv still showing no sign of slowing down.

The Come Back Will Be Greater Than the Set Back

They say to let your come back be stronger than your setback and cinemas are doing just exactly that. Cineworld has plans to open five new locations, which they believe will do better than the locations that they closed down during the pandemic. In other news, Chinese movies are breaking historical records in film production in one area. 

Besides music studios, companies get the most bang for their buck when projected box office hits are premiered on a strictly Cinema basis. Studios and cinemas thrive best off each other. Disney made over 13 billion dollars worldwide in just 2019 alone. This is preparing us for what we can look forward to from the movie industry in the near future. We can only hope that theatres will be back up and running at full force by the end of summer, or at least by the end of the year. Hopefully, this will be just in time for some of the biggest premiers of the year like the return of the Suicide Squad, Top Gun, and Spider-Man 3. This would bring back the traditional entertainment we all know, love, and enjoy. 

Cinemas are legendary because they give entertainment to everyone whether it be a family outing or something to do on that awkward first date. The 120-year-old industry has earned its spot in our society and no matter the situation, it seems to be indestructible.

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