Bombay Bicycle Club new album inspired by travels

Bombay Bicycle Club were inspired by trips around Europe and Asia while writing their fourth album.

Bombay Bicycle Club new album inspired by travels | MarkMeets Music News |

Frontman Jack Steadman went travelling and stayed with families before being joined by bandmates Jamie MacColl, Suren de Saram and Ed Nash, and they turned their adventures into new material for the record, ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’, released on February 3.

Jack told the nme: ”I like travelling alone, but I stayed with families so they’d invite me for dinner.

”The dad of one family was a real hi-fi enthusiast with hundreds of speakers and played me all sorts of records.

”I was inspired by the ’70s prog – like Traffic – he played. Listening to it made me want to make everything sound perfect when I got to the studio.”

Jack also visited Japan, India, The Netherlands, and Turkey, where he stayed with a family who took him out to find a drum, despite not knowing what he needed it for.

The musician said: ”We drove to this Roma camp to pick it up and there was a wedding band using it.

”I stayed there for a bit and watched the concert – all the musicians were incredible.

”The drumkit, though, was the worst bit of equipment I’ve ever seen. Back at the house, the family would come and listen to what I was doing each day and they’d dance around, although they didn’t understand any of the words.”

Jack also said he began writing the lead track ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ from the upcoming album while in Sapanca, near Instanbul.

He added: ”I’d get up and have breakfast in a cafe that was built into the mountain with a view over the valley. It was beautiful, so the songs starts like that – very peaceful.”

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