Camp Bestival 2015 Review

Camp Bestival 2015 was an incredible event with talent from musicans, poets, actors and more genres performing for the crowds over the weekend.

Despite cancelling his DJ set earlier in the day owing to food poisoning, Professor Green still took to the main stage on Friday night!

Camp Bestival
Camp Bestival 2015

Buzzcocks entered with a blast of guitar, looking a little less punk 35 years later but not having lost the spirit. They made sure to squeeze in some anti consumerist digs at charging £10 for a programme in between songs. A track from their latest album, ‘people are strange machines’ was full of killer riffs and like every song on that 2012 album, it made no attempt to move into the 21st century. It was clear Buzzcocks hearts are stubbornly rooted in the 70s, but an electro album featuring pop’s new It girl or forming a supergroup with some indie band wouldn’t be very punk, would it? The fans loved it and there was dad dancing in abundance. When they busted out Ever Fallen in Love, that’s all that everyone was waiting for.

Wretch 32 turned up the bass, opening his set singing from off stage, and was greeted by screams as he entered, mid song, commandeering the stage. His crisp rap vocals were full of confidence and he really spoke out to the audience. It’s like he’s telling every word to you for the first time. Second song he jumped straight into catchy hit Unorthodox and the energy and chemistry from the musicians and two superstar backing singers made them feel like a group rather than an artist and his band. During Blackout, they were genuinely loving every minute. The sentimental R’n’B style Six Words was unifying sing along moment but the highlight was explosive closer Traktor.

Professor Green put on a great performance despite being ill and having to get backing singers to fill in for him in parts. He rapped lyrical wordplay in his unique style then launched into 4 person raves onstage in the interludes of racing dubstep and drum n base. He slowed things down to finish with his Emile Sande hit, Read All About It, a real crowd pleaser.

Headlining were electropop newcomers Clean Bandit, famous for their stuck-in-your-head hit Rather Be. The bands unique selling point was their distinctive blend of styles. They play classical style violin and cello over EDM beats and throw in glockenspiel and steel drum sounds, grinding under the fluttering flash of lights. They’re probably the only time you’ll ever see a cellist playing in a tracksuit and crop top. Technically, you couldn’t fault them, but as of yet they don’t have the catalogue of hits a headline act usually has as ammunition. They made up for it in impressive vocal performances from their guest singers. (Though the foursome from Cambridge sing on a few songs to great effect, the permanent band doesn’t include a lead singer.) 17 year old Sharna Bass graced us with her mesmerising voice on Extraordinary, and a cover of Robin S’s Show Me Love was a welcome addition. The whole set was atmospheric and the perfect transition from lazy day to a ravey night at the silent disco!

Cuban brothers got the first day of Camp Bestival grooving with their ridiculously fun blend of jazzy Cuban rap, smooth moves and comedy.

The brothers shook their stuff in shiny fringed body suits to introduce Vitas dressed as Aqua Man, doing martial arts and crazy flips about the stage. As the parents jumped up and down with children on shoulders, cheering the front man who was now down to his pants and signature hat, it was clear there couldn’t have been a better band to get crowd into the Camp Bestival spirit.

By Holly Warren + Chuckie.

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