DJ-Turned-Entrepreneur Jesse Neo Releases Gemtracks to Buy and Sell

Since 2017, Jesse Neo has been releasing electronic hits and attracting plays in clubs around the world. Several big news publications have also positively reviewed his music.

Now, after being in the industry for over three years and having lived in Los Angeles during that time, the now 23-year-old is getting his hands into the tech industry too.

“In 2017, after independently releasing a few tracks onto streaming platforms, I was suddenly offered jobs to produce beats and instrumentals for labels and YouTube channels,” the Australian revealed. “I noticed a lot of the things I did in order to proceed with each order was still very manual. I mean, I was on the phone everyday discussing how my song would sound like and asking the client if they received my file or not.”

Seeing the problem, an inspiration came to Jesse’s mind. Why not make an online platform where he could list his beats and let customers buy them automatically with all the legal documents.

“What I did was create a website known as Gemtracks,” Jesse continued. “I placed all my unreleased beats and instrumentals onto it. A few days later I started making sales of up to $699 for each One of the reasons for the success could be because each track can only be sold once. Once it is sold, the buyer gets the legal documents to signify the master ownership and copyright also belongs to them. This means once the buyer releases the song with their own vocals, they won’t need to pay any royalties.

“After some of my friends saw this, they encouraged me to turn Gemtracks into a public marketplace where anyone could sell beats,” the 23-year-old explained. “This would counter the problem currently faced by a lot of musicians, which is not being able to earn a stable income.”

With that, Jesse followed the recommendations and bought some producers he had connections with to start selling their beats. To this day, many of the producers are still with the site. They include Beowülf, Pedro Alexander, Lucas Gold and Milana Leybovich.

All the universal genres of music can be purchased from Gemtracks, including pop, rock, and hip hip. There are also sub-genres such as trance, house and reggae.

“The best thing is that anyone can sell beats too,” Jesse exclaimed. “Even if you don’t have any experience, there are plenty of resources on the website, including tutorials, including exclusive training videos from Rick of All Stringed.”

There are also several success stories of artists winning a lot of new fans by using the beats from Gemtracks.

The next step is to turn Gemtracks into the all-in-one music platform where musicians would be able to collaborate with each other. Not only will songwriters be able to connect with singers, record studio owners will be allowed to let customers book directly from the website.

Jesse is making a great start into being a music and tech entrepreneur.

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