Markus Feehily says his music is different from Westlife

Irish Singer Markus Feehily, who found fame as one fifth of Westlife spent 11 years with the group.

Now he has revealed that he doesn’t want people to compare his new music to the songs he released with the boyband.

Markus Feehily

Feehily told OK mag that he doesn’t want people to think of him as an ex-Westlife member because the material he was releasing with that group is so different from where his own tastes are:

“I don’t dislike any Westlife songs but I wouldn’t have written them. I’ve made a conscious decision not to compare my solo career to Westlife though, it would be unhealthy to try to emulate that juggernaut.”

When asked how much he sees his former bandmates, Feehily added that they didn’t maintain strong friendships after their collective career ended: “”Not much at all. There’s no animosity. It’s just the way life goes.”

Talking about 1D’s break he said to Yahoo: “Westlife took a break and everyone, mostly the record company and everybody around Simon [Cowell], said ‘If you do this you know your fans won’t be there when you come back, you have to be careful’.

Markus Feehily’s debut solo album ‘Fire’ is out now!

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