Mike Hough ‘ Lost In Love ‘ EP Launch Night Review

Mike Hough MOBO Awards Lost In Love EP Launch.. Tuesday 15th July 2014

So the unsigned signed artist Mike Hough is about to release his ‘ Lost In Love ‘ EP and had a launch night to celebrate it, the likes of Aston Merrygold, Jb Gill, MOBO, Bianca Gascoigne, Tony Discipline & more came now to enjoy and celebrate the night with Mike, his band, his family and his supporters which are called ” Houghligans ‘ .

Mike Hough ' Lost In Love ' EP Launch Night Review

The Event was held in the beautiful Sanctum Soho Hotel, where it was PACKED, honestly i don’t think you could of fit another person in the room, it was full of love and happiness all enjoying the beautiful music from the man himself Mike Hough how proudly got told on the night that he is now a official Mentor for the  MOBO Unsung Competition.

The EP has been self recored and produced by Mello The Producer, Mike wrote all 10 songs on the EP himself which we got to hear at the listening and it sounded amazing, we have been a fan of Mike and his music for some years now and he still manages to blow out minds with his new fresh R’n’B music, if you didn’t get to hear it then make sure you pre order it on iTunes and then you shall be able to listen to it in full on Sunday 20th July, we are so excited for the world to hear it.


Mike Hough is one of the kindest caring, loving young men we have met, his love for music and his love for his supporters of his music is just such a blessing to witness, he doesn’t take anything for guaranteed and he will always just keep being real and keep being himself, His mother, Diane, well i guess you can say ‘ The Number 1 Houghligan ‘ she is always at his events showing her support, you can’t blame her really because her son is one talented person. Mike’s sisters come down to his shows too to show support and love when they aren’t busy competing in dance competitions or in rehearsal for a dance competition, as you can tell this family is one talented family.

The Houghligans were all out to show Mike love, all in Mike Hough tees, some where even hand made, and queuing up outside the venue hours before doors opened and once in the venue they were full of excitement and couldn’t wait to share this beautiful evening with Mike Hough, their smiles when Mike was singing and stood in front of them was so lovely to see, not one person in that room had anything less on their face than a smile, we was all the for one reason and that reason was MIKE HOUGH..

To Pre Order His ‘ Lost In Love ‘ EP then click this link..

If you would like to see and hear Mike and his full band perform his EP and other songs LIVE then make sure you are free on

Sunday 19th October and get yourself down to 02 Academy Islington where Mike Hough will be performing, get tickets from this link

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mike Hough, Neil Ransome and MOBO for a wonderful evening and we are looking forward to what the future will bring for Mr Mike Hough, the next big R’n’B Superstar and we were blown away by the love, soul, heart and pure dedication put into the EP.

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