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Nathan Sykes has opened up about his new single ‘Over And Over Again’ and confessed that the person he wrote it for has actually heard it.

Following his success with The Wanted, Nathan is preparing to release his debut solo album, and has been enjoying working with the legendary US songwriter Diane Warren and producer Babyface.

Nathan Sykes

His voice has been compared to Justin Timberlake and Usher, and recently made his US solo debut at the iconic Gramercy in New York. His first single scored a Billboard US number one on the dance charts, and now he’s set to follow it up with ‘Over and Over Again’.

“I’m at my happiest when I’m on stage because that’s where I’m most comfortable.”

The heartthrob explained to Sugarscape that he wrote it as a way of communicating his feelings to someone and it turns out that they enjoyed the track, but maybe didn’t realise it was aimed at them:

“Basically, the song is me trying to tell someone how I feel about them because I didn’t have the courage to do it in person. So, I was like, ‘if I was to tell them and I did somehow get the courage, what would I say?’ So I wrote ‘Over And Over Again’.”

When asked if the person in question had heard the song, Sykes added: “Yeah, they texted and said they really liked it. (They said) ‘I really like that new single of yours’, and I was like, ‘if only you knew’!”

Singer Nathan Sykes has also revealed that it’s wonderful when people acknowledge his talent as a vocalist because he could never fully show off his range when he was one fifth of The Wanted.

During another new interview with DS, the heartthrob admitted that he loves the freedom that comes with being a solo artist and he can really exercise his vocal ability:

“I think it’s really fun and not difficult changing people’s expectations of you. Every single performance I do, people are like, ‘I didn’t realise you could sing like this’. Coming from a band, it’s a really refreshing time in my life.”

“I didn’t know what I was capable of at all. It was only as I started writing the album and hitting new notes on a new level of songwriting. I was connecting emotionally with the lyrics.”

Sykes went onto add that The Wanted’s split came at the best time possible: “We didn’t lay out a plan. Everyone was very excited to do their own thing. The time was right to go on a break.”

“For me personally, looking back I’m really pleased that we did. Had we continued on making music, I wouldn’t be in a place as an artist that I am at now. I definitely wouldn’t be as a songwriter. Probably vocally as well – I’d still be singing within about five notes instead of three octaves.”

Nathan Sykes’ ‘Over And Over Again’ is out NOW.

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