Nick Jonas excited to perform at the MTV VMAs

Singer Nick Jonas has been confirmed to perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Despite being completely shut out of the 2016 MTV VMA nomination pool, the annual award show announced that he will still be attending the ceremony and not just not as a potential award recipient.

Nick Jonas

The 23-year-old is slated to take the streets of New York City to perform his track “Bacon” alongside Ty Dolla $ign during this year’s broadcast.

He tweeted “Creativity is everything.. So let’s keep creating art together.”

It’s arguably a gracious move by the former nominee, particularly since he had initially expressed some sadness about the snub. “Disappointed with the fact Close got no love for the #VMAs2016” he tweeted shortly after the nominees were revealed in late July.

The remark was one of the first times the public had ever heard any semblance of discontent from the former child star. Having risen to fame as a 7-year-old Broadway performer and subsequent Disney boy bander, his image has remained practically squeaky clean for more than a decade. The VMA nominations were no different.

Back in July, the hitmaker expressed his frustration at not earning a single nomination for his stunning music video for “Close”, but he will take the stage at the ceremony on Sunday, August 28 for a live performance alongside “Bacon” collaborator Ty Dolla $ign.

Pop megastar Britney Spears has also been added to the line-up for the event and uploaded a video teaser for her set. In the clip, she says: “The VMAs don’t just give you a stage, they give you a story – some way of taking a fraction of a second and making it live forever. Before you know it, it’s history. Before you know it, it’s Britney, bitch!”

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