Sam Smith talks fame

Sam Smith’s meteoric rise to fame has left singer at times “hanging on for dear life”, he claims.

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The 22-year-old, who picked up four Grammy awards earlier this month, has had a whirlwind year and said part of that has been spent simply trying to keep his sanity.

“I’ve spent as much energy this past year trying not to go mental as I have plugging my record,” he told the Observer:

“You have to. It’s like your body’s trying to float away. And you’re hanging on for dear life.”

He described the experience of becoming famous as “not necessarily a nice thing”, referring to the media attention towards his family and scrutiny over his looks and figure.

While admitting he may not always be comfortable with his appearance, openly gay Smith said he has “mastered” being comfortable with his sexuality.

Having achieved global success with his In the Lonely Hour album, which centred on his own experience of unrequited love, Smith is set to provide more personal heartache on his next musical offering.

One song, Scars, will touch on his parents’ separation, leading him to joke that people may have expected some more uplifting music after a sombre first album.

He added: “Any normal person, after that first record, would think, ‘Second album, let’s bring out some happy music. Give everyone a break.'”

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