The Loveable Rogues ‘This And That’ Album Review

The Loveable Rogues are a very likeable trio consisting of band members Eddie Brett, Sonny Jay Muharrem and Te Qhairo Eugene, who you may remember from the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012.

The Loveable Rogues 'This And That' Album Review

Following support for Olly Murs Tour in 2013; the boys have just released their first album, ‘This and That,’ which is available now on ITunes.

Album review by MarkMeets music reporter – Hannah Fuller “They’re fresh,  dynamic and exciting”

Sweet Loving

A sunny cocktail mix of a pop reggae delight; smooth, zesty with groove and ‘cheeky – banter’ style lyrics thrown in. This is a colourful, fun song which has a real warm, feel good factor to it. Simply (coconut) smashing.

Talking Monkeys

A chirpy guitar number with a playful beat and array of zesty sounds – this has strings and big band noises which ride together along nicely, giving it an almost, ‘holiday’ feel. Now where’s my passport….?

What a Night

Upbeat with a mix of guitars and synth – this ‘erratic yet electrifying’ track will just make you want to get up and move your body! A jumping up and down, singing along with your mates – kind of track. Or you could just sit down – but your arms and legs won’t want to; we guarantee.

Loveable Rogues – What A Night (Official Video)


Turning down the tempo slightly, this is toe tapping melodic delight with its smooth vocals and softer instrument playing, which demonstrate nicely the boys ability to play down-beat as well as up.


Pop, rocky with some comical attitude thrown in, this is a cheerful, ‘guitar boppy’ singing along kind of song which will have you ‘air guitar bopping’ and singing along too.

Story about Me

With a reggae feel and expressive vibe, the boys show us how they can go from pop to rock, to soul to ska. Story About Me is another fine example of how these Loveable Rogues aren’t afraid to experiment with sounds. And experiment they do, ever so well.

Not The Someone You’re Not

This poptastic track with its piano rift and energetic vocals, has an almost ‘90’s boy-band’ feel to it with a modern twist which is intriguing yet refreshing.  You’ll be whooahhhing along, we guarantee. Whooahh…there you go!

Everything’s Better With You

This is a sweet, heartfelt piece whilst still keeping it freshly frisky. If any of these songs are going to make young tender fans go weak at the knees – this is the one!

This and That

With a clapping along beat and catchy lyrics, sailing along to the jesting sounds of a ukulele; this will have you imagining you’re on a beach somewhere nice and relaxed. Some nice summer sentiments emerging here to banish that Autumn creeper who’s lurking round the corner.

Front Story

Turning the temp up once again, this has an electro / pop / clash feel to it meets ska! It’s fresh, it’s dynamic, it’s exciting – and it will leave you wanting to move, to groove and to bust some moves to the colourful array of vigorous sounds.


With an intro of computerised tones and electronic sounds soon greeted by a the noises of proud trumpets and an almost, ‘robotic’ tone; ‘Nuthouse’ seems a perfectly fitting name for this unpredictable pop-erratic , yet charmingly characteristic, convivial number.

Mr PianoMan

Finishing the album with a slower, heartfelt piano track; this endearing little love song will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. So wherever you are and whoever you’re with, pull them close and give them a cuddle. Even you Mr Pianoman.

Aww. Lovely jubbly.

“‘This and That’ by the Loveable Rogues is a must have record” – MarkMeets


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