The Wanted chat about their studio album ‘Word of Mouth’.

The Wanted have defended the chart position for their latest studio album, Word of Mouth.

The popular boyband whose hits include “Chasing the Sun” and “I Found You” and “Walks Like Rihanna” ‘released their latest album in the UK last week and saw it reach number nine in the charts.

The Wanted
The Wanted

Tom Parker said: “I think for any band, it’s very difficult to always sustain a certain level.

“And I think especially when we came in with a number one single (All Time Low), you set a precedent then to stay at number one.”

He added: “And when you don’t stay at number one, the critics are like, ‘Well, that’s the fall of The Wanted’.

“It’s not really. It’s just very difficult to stay there. Do you know what I mean? And it is.”

Kaneswaren revealed to our friends over at Digital Spy: “Top ten is great, and all the singles we’ve released have gone top five, which is amazing.

“We spent a lot time mastering this album and it took us ages to get it out. The fans had to wait ages.

“We put it back and put it back to the point where we’ve released it on the busiest week of the year!”

The boys live performance for Children In Need Rocks aired last night on BBC1 and we love how Natahn has really taken on the vocals, he is so cutee!!!

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