Which Current DJ Has the Best Live Act?

Which of the world’s most famous DJs have the best live act on the planet right now? Find out with our guide to DJ sets you must catch.

In days past, a DJ was anyone that played music for a crowd with vinyl records. Nowadays, when you say DJ, most people assume you’re talking about someone who plays electronica or EDM. Discover the Best Online Music Production Courses.

There are still generalist DJs, like the kind that curate the playlist for clubs and take requests, but they’re not the ones people travel halfway across the world to see.

Some people say that all today’s DJs do is stand there and play a playlist, but for the good ones, that’s not true. A top quality DJ knows that understands the bpm and key of a track.”

The DJs below are some of the best live acts you can see around the world—if you’re willing to pay for it!


One of the DJs who’s well-known for throwing a banging party in the club is Israeli EDM producer Borgore. We’re talking about bringing people twerk on stage with him, champagne showers, confetti flying, and more.

This young man has his own record label and puts out new music or collaborates with other artists. It’s often hard to keep up with all his latest releases.

And we can tell you from experience that he does mix songs and perform with other musical artists on stage. If you’re not in the EDM scene, you may know him for “Forbes,” his collaboration with G-Eazy, the self-made Elvis lookalike rapper.

If you listen to Borgore’s songs with lyrics, you can tell he has a great (but certainly dirty) sense of humor. One of his songs samples the childhood classic “If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands”, except he replaces the word hands with “ass”.

It’s the twerk anthem we never knew we needed—and it has a hilarious music video you should watch after you finish reading the article.

You can see his shows at big venues all around the globe, especially in Las Vegas and LA, where he’s known to spend a lot of time. If you’re in Europe or the Middle East, don’t worry—he tours close to home too.

Sign up for alerts on his website to find out when he’s coming to an arena near you!


Another great DJ from abroad is Tiesto, who hails from Breda in the Netherlands.

Tiesto, who’s in his fifties, hasn’t always been a DJ. He didn’t get into making music until the 90s. During that time, he founded “Black Hole Recordings” and started to make his own type of music through his label.

Some people call Tiesto the “Godfather of EDM,” as this type of complex mixing wasn’t possible until computerized sound systems came on the market. He was literally one of the first people to create EDM songs, long before anyone knew what those letters meant.

That’s not his only accolade. Mix Magazine’s readers voted him the “Greatest DJ of All Time,” which is a pretty high honor.

Tiesto’s story goes to show that musical talent doesn’t have any boundaries, age or otherwise.

Since Tiesto is such a well-renowned DJ, trying to get tickets to see him is a full-time job. If you can score them, pay whatever they’re asking—it’s the experience of a lifetime!

Your best chance is to find somewhere that’s doing a presale for tickets, find out the presale password and set an alarm for when tickets go live. Be ready to go with your credit card, because they sell out fast.


Skrillex came out of nowhere around 2011 and rocked the EDM/Dubstep scene to its core. He was arguably the hottest name in dance music from 2010-2015, though his career is still nothing to scoff at now.

Most people would recognize Skrillex if they saw him, as he had a very distinctive haircut (bald on 1/4 of his head, above his left ear) with his shoulder-length black hair hanging free down the other side.

Over his life, he’s won eight out of the 12 Grammy awards he’s been nominated for, two MTV music awards, and an “Annie Award” for the music he created for Wreck-It Ralph.

Skrillex is famous for working with other artists, whether they’re in the EDM genre or not. His single with Rick Ross, a renowned rapper, was nominated for Single of the Year in 2017.

Skrillex only plays giant venues or very private parties where you have to know someone who’s someone to get in. You’ll have the best luck seeing him at festivals like EDC or Lost Lands.

Oh, and if you hear he died on the internet, ignore it. The internet has falsely reported his death at least five (if not more) times.

Pretty Lights

If you’re looking for someone, who’s a little less hard secure tickets for, check out Pretty Lights. He’s from the modest hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, which is where they make at least three major brands of beer.

He’s not as young as Skrillex, but his light-show and laser integrations that go along with his music are what (we hope) the future of EDM will look like.

He’s paired and played with DJs like Bassnectar, GRiZ, and Big Gigantic at sold-out shows throughout the US. You can find out about his upcoming shows on his website.

The Best Live Acts: What Makes Them Great?

If you ever come away from seeing an EDM DJ not completely soaked in sweat from dancing and sticky from Champagne Showers, that was not one of the best live acts.

After seeing one of these legends, you should feel like you just ran a marathon, sore feet and endorphin high included.

For more info about the entertainment world, search for your favorite artists above.

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