How do security companies operate around the world?

The Security business is an old and quite significant part of some countries’ economy that has never really disappeared. Recently it has even become more visible and has grown as a part of the economy as society seems to have become worse in stopping antisocial behaviour through other means. This means wherever in the world one does business, it will always be necessary to consider hiring security. This can mean something as mundane as hiring Security Guard Services in Dallas, but it can also mean hiring a security detail to fend of pirates while passing the Horn of Africa.  

  1. The European security service landscape

Europe generally doesn’t require security that acts in a very aggressive manner. Violent crimes are comparatively uncommon and only specific commercial activities need the help of security. Security guards in Europe usually do not wear very eye-catching uniforms and keep a rather low profile. A company will think about hiring security depending on the area it operates in, and the value of the merchandise sold. Shopping centres usually employ a few security guards that guard the space outside of the shops. The security inside is usually provided by the employees of the shops. Still theft is a problem especially by well organised bands that move from eastern Europe and Asia into western Europe. Punishment, especially for simple theft is rather mild and so the opportunity cost for thieves is quite low.

The armament of security guards is quite limited as weapons laws are restrictive. The main work of the security guard is observation and calling the local authorities if force needs to be applied. Most thieves choose to comply or run if confronted and generally are not well armed. This keeps the number of violent incidents rather low compared to the Americas. 

  1. Security in the Americas

North, middle and South America show a quite varied field of security services and their usage. While security in parts of northern America can be compared to the European security environment and generally isn’t an important topic, almost every country in middle and South America has some privately guarded gated communities that barely rely on the local police at all. 

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  1. Security in Asia

The security situation in Asia is quite comparable to Europe in some places. As most societies are quite strictly governed crime and violent crime is rather limited. Still security guards are almost seen everywhere. Guards are as numerous as they are relatively harmless and sparsely armed. Some of them can be simply ignored and government buildings are usually guarded by army or police. Parts of Central Asia and Southeast Asia on the other hand can be rather lawless and personal protection by private security is a must in Countries like Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan or the tribal areas of Pakistan. Generally, it should be avoided to personally visit these regions and cooperation with local partners is preferable.

  1. Security in Africa

Security in Africa is a very mixed bag. Certainly, it is necessary to employ security if one’s intent is to run a business there. Theft is rather common and involves anything which isn’t bolted on tight. In some regions the government isn’t able to provide any kind of security and these regions are effectively ruled by private security and/or militias. Several private military contractor firms like Blackwater and the infamous Vagner group are active in Africa. Depending on the business at hand it might be necessary to coordinate with local authorities that run parallel to government authorities. As in the less secure Areas of Asia its preferable to operate with local partners even though work efficiency is usually hampered by these arrangements. In the big cities of Africa, it helps to have a personal driver and not rely on public transport or taxis. These circumstances obviously lead to a quite well-developed security business sector of the economy of most African countries.

  1. Conclusion 

The security environment varies strongly around the globe. In some cases, it is necessary for any business to hire security guards in other parts security is barely needed. The investment opportunities in the security business are usually limited locally. To work effectively a good knowledge of the local circumstances is needed.

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