Tips for Maximising Space within Your Business Self-Storage Unit

Rummaging through your self-storage unit becomes a thing of the past!

This article equips you with the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your business storage unit. It explores clever storage solutions, packing hacks, and space-saving strategies to maximise every inch of your space.

Read on to discover expert-proven tips to help you maximise space within your business self-storage unit. These tips are sure to help you get the most out of your storage and streamline your business operations.

Start on the Outside, Work Inwards, and Leave an Aisle

Are you filling your self-storage unit? Keep these three simple steps in mind:

  1. Start on the outside
  2. Work inwards
  3. Leave an aisle

Following these steps ensures your items are well-arranged for easy access, avoiding precarious stacks.

Always take enough time to plan before you start packing. Consider creating a layout or floor plan with designated sections for different groups of items. This will ensure you can easily access anything you need.

Ensure Frequently Used Items Are at the Front

Do you want to quickly locate your frequently used items the next time you need them? Keep them at the front of the storage unit during packing. Nothing is more frustrating than realising you’ve left essentials like your toolbox buried under everything else.

Use Sturdy Boxes and Label Everything Clearly

Invest in high-quality boxes and containers that can withstand the weight of your belongings and safeguard them from damage. For example, consider plastic bins with secure lids to keep out pests and dust.

It’s also helpful to clearly label everything. Labelling allows you to stay organised. Mark each container or box clearly with its contents and include instructions like “this side up” or “fragile” when necessary. This makes it straightforward to locate specific items whenever you need them.

Use Shelving to Create More Space

Want to safely store boxes and maximise your storage unit’s height? Shelving is the way to go! Stacking too many boxes can damage the bottom ones under the weight. Be sure to place heavier items at the bottom, with lighter ones on top to prevent accidents.

Take Stock of Your Items

Are you planning to move your business inventory to a new storage unit? Creating a checklist is vital. A checklist allows you to clearly group your items into different categories. You can easily follow the list or spreadsheet to keep your items organised.

Note the number of each inventory item. This ensures you can reorder items when the inventory count is low. Also, a clear overview of your stock offers an excellent estimate of the self-storage unit size you need during the sign-up process.

By following these expert-proven tips for maximising space within your business storage unit, you’ll make the most of your storage space and easily locate what you need, streamlining your business operations.

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