11 Sweet Things to Do in a Long Distance Relationship

Are you all about Russian dating but feel hassled about the miles that separate you? Long-distance relationships can occasionally feel like a complete drag. You miss your significant other terribly, fuzzy chats on online dating sites take the place of cozy couch cuddles, and you stop thinking about late-night pizza dates. But, do not worry! It doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your connection. In fact, with a little creativity and some effort, you can turn that long distance into a lasting bond. Here is the lowdown on 11 sweet ideas to keep the spark alive, even when miles apart.

How Do I Make My Long Distance Partner Feel Special?

Did you know that 14 million couples define themselves as having a long-distance relationship in the US only? Based on the relevant statistics, 35% of them are engaged in international love. Nevertheless, only 60% of all those couples are completely content with the connection separated by miles. 

So, how can you overcome all the obstacles related to Russian women dating and online meet-ups? We’ve compiled the most popular and effective tips to make your partner feel special during distance-bound romance. Ready to take your love affair to the next notch? Scroll down! There are 11 options to wow your significant other. 

  1. Watch Netflix movies together

Go beyond a typical movie night and have a virtual date instead. Select a movie that you both want to watch, turn on the video chat, and settle in on the couch or bed. Extra credit for sharing a meal virtually, even if it is the same takeout order. A couple of drinks will complement your evening for sure. Don’t forget to discuss the movie you have watched to share your emotions and lay the ground for further conversations.

  1. Order the delivery of something unusual 

Put away the chocolates you buy at the store. Create a package of care that shouts, “I miss you!” Consider filling your pack with your partner’s favorite candies, photos of your adventures, or online chats, and a handwritten note that will make the heart of your Russian mail order bride go pitter-patter. 

  1. Play games 

Bring out your competitive side during quality time spent as a couple and brush up on your online gaming skills. There are many options available, ranging from online action games to classic board games. On top of that, a little friendly smack talk never hurts anyone (well, maybe your ego, but that is all part of the fun!). Anyway, it is a great way to try something new and show off different talents. 

  1. Create a video clip dedicated to your soulmate

If you want to spice up your Russian women dating, feel free to get creative! A video message or reels dedicated to your girlfriend will certainly leave her stunned. Record your daily routine, your thoughts about your significant other during the day, and typical activities to demonstrate to your lady that there is a large room for her in your life. If you communicate on a dating site, you can record some funny moments of your conversations and create a meaningful clip to cherish your special moments. 

  1. Get more intimate

Relationships become stronger through conversations, particularly when partners are honest and open. Talk about your aspirations, fears, dreams, and desires. You will create deeper emotional intimacy by sharing such personal details. The more you are sincere with your significant other, the more you weave a strong web of understanding.

  1. Build long-term future plans

You can still make plans for the future together despite across-the-mile connections. Imagine your future, your vacations, and your family life, for example. Making plans together can actually strengthen your bond and give you both something exciting to anticipate.

  1. Demonstrate your singing talent 

Long distance relationship songs will definitely bring an additional dose of amusement to your love affair. Are you ready to reveal the entire spectrum of your feelings through a romantic song? Keep your smartphone ready and showcase your talent and emotions to your partner. She will appreciate it. Don’t be afraid of being hilarious!

  1. Send a meaningful gift

Would you like to give your girlfriend extra attention? Then why not send some meaningful long distance relationship gifts? This is an excellent idea, especially if she has something to celebrate. Memory scrapbooks, customized jewelry, DIY crafts — this is just a glimpse of what you can present to your lady. Be attentive to her preferences and you will certainly amaze her. 

  1. Intimate questions game 

Remember that you are a couple and the intimate connection between you is still essential. Engage in a game where you ask each other personal questions regarding… you know what. Here is where your imagination can play to the fullest. It could be anything from your most fantastical dream to your worst fear. Playing this game strengthens your emotional bond and allows for a better understanding of your partner.

  1. Taking a spoonful From a distance

Did you know that Russian girls for marriage adore cuddles? If you miss those comfortable hugs, here is a cute (and slightly cheesy) idea. Send each other your favorite oversized sweatshirt or T-shirt. Snuggle up with it on those lonely nights — it will almost feel like your partner is right there with you. 

  1. Write a letter

Even in the era of digital communication, receiving a handwritten letter can feel refreshing. Write down your thoughts, confessions, and declarations of feelings for your sweetheart. It can be incredibly personal to feel the delight of holding a letter that reveals your love and sincere feelings. Russian brides are so sentimental, so your girlfriend will certainly appreciate such a gesture. 

Final Thoughts

There are no boundaries for love, even if the partners are geographically distant. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to jazz up your romance with some pleasing and surprising gestures. Implement those above-mentioned tips into your dating experience and enjoy the time together. Don’t be afraid of experiments and let your imagination run wild when it comes to leaving your partner in awe.

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