What Are The Tips For Students Who Are Moving To The Caribbean Medical Schools?

As getting into a US medical school is exceedingly difficult due to the low acceptance rate and fierce competition among students, Caribbean medical schools are consistently gaining popularity with affordable fee structures and high quality of education. A large number of students from the United States of America and Canada move to the Caribbean to acquire a medical education. Whatever the reason, moving to a new place away from family overwhelms students with ambiguous feelings.

If the idea of relocation to a new country for study makes you feel like you’re on the edge of an emotional cliff, you are no exception. Read on to get tips to sail through medical school abroad smartly.

Please note that the Caribbean is a significant offshore financial center besides being a popular tourist destination. Therefore, student life on the Caribbean Island is pretty appealing. You will have access to a high quality of medical education apart from an incredible student experience during your stay in the Caribbean. This blog outlines the things to look for before packing your bags and heading to the Caribbean.

Things you need to consider before moving to the Caribbean

  1. Accommodation

The Caribbean Island is famous as a tropical paradise. Life on the island is pretty relaxing and tension-free. However, living in the Caribbean is different from the rest of the world. To survive, you need to adjust to its local culture, tropical seasons, food habits, time zone, currency, and languages.

  • Cost of living

The cost of living in the Caribbean is relatively lower than its foreign counterparts, except for food. If you are a gourmet, bring a lot of snacks with you as food is way expensive in the Caribbean. In fact, everyday items are costly on the Caribbean Island because of higher taxes and duties. However, the cost to stay here is cheaper. Students can choose to stay in dormitories provided by the universities in the first semester. They just need to spend around USD 3,000 for a fully equipped dorm with air-conditioners, refrigerators, and microwaves. A fully furnished 1-BHK flat outside the university’s campus costs around USD 700 per month in the Caribbean.

  • Transportation

Buses are the cheapest form of transportation in the Caribbean. You can also rely on taxis or cabs to travel here. However, you need to be pretty good at negotiation skills as cabbies go much lower than their initial fare. You can also take a bike to get around but try to carry cash as much as possible when taking public transport because it’s the only form of payment accepted here.

  • Health insurance

Health insurance is a must for international students planning to pursue medicine abroad in the Caribbean. Medical universities in the Caribbean ask students to carry health insurance coverage while coming to the colleges. Health insurance covers all medical expenses, such as treatment, transportation cost, and repatriation costs.

Look for these things before moving to the Caribbean. Browse top medical universities to make a well-informed decision. Sign up now!

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