Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry enjoyed a day out at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023

Just find someone who looks at you the way Orlando Bloom looks at Katy Perry and you will have a life partner.

From Meghan Markle to Amanda Holden and Rochelle Humes, each year Wimbledon is packed with royals and celebrities. Our very own sub editor Scott Baber spotted David Beckham watching the action from the Royal Box Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Day 3.

The prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament not only attracts top athletes from around the world but also serves as a magnet for celebrities seeking an exciting day out. On day three of the tournament, actor Orlando Bloom and his fiancée Katy Perry added a touch of elegance as they explored the grounds and settled in to watch the matches. However, they were not the only famous faces gracing the event. Joining them was football legend David Beckham, who treated his mother to a seat in the Royal Box, making it a star-studded affair. Let’s delve into the details of their stylish ensembles and the thrilling matches they witnessed.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s Wimbledon Outing

Orlando Bloom, 46, and Katy Perry, 38, embraced a sophisticated vibe as they meandered through the All England Lawn Tennis Club. The A-list couple indulged in capturing precious moments by taking numerous selfies, all while exchanging affectionate kisses and cuddles. Bloom exuded charm in a navy-checked two-piece suit, perfectly complemented by black brogue shoes. He donned a pin-striped blue shirt with a matching dark tie, shielding his face from the sun with blue-tinted sunglasses. Sporting a beard, the actor radiated timeless elegance, befitting the occasion.

Katy Perry, ever the fashion icon, graced the Wimbledon grounds in a stunning ensemble. She wore a matching navy Bardot top, which beautifully accentuated her figure, paired with a white silk midi skirt and elegant stiletto heels. The pop star opted for a vintage-style fringe, slicking back her dark hair, and enhancing her look with a half-up-half-down ponytail. A polka-dot neck scarf provided a playful touch to her ensemble, completing her effortlessly chic appearance.

The couple eagerly anticipated their turn to take their seats, ensuring they arrived just in time for the roof to open on Centre Court, following a brief closure due to rain showers. Little did they know that they were about to witness an intense match involving a British player, Jodie Burrage.

David Beckham’s Wimbledon Experience

Another notable figure attending the tennis extravaganza was former football star David Beckham, 48, who delighted his mother with a seat in the esteemed Royal Box. The duo joined Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry to witness the gripping match between Jodie Burrage and Daria Kasatkina.

Dressed impeccably for the occasion, Beckham showcased his timeless sense of style. He wore a beige suit jacket, which he paired with cream chinos and a crisp white shirt. Adding a touch of flair, he incorporated a brown patterned pocket square and a matching tie, enhancing the overall elegance of his ensemble. A lavish watch adorned his wrist, adding a touch of sophistication to his look.

Sandra Beckham, David Beckham’s mother, displayed her fashion sense by adorning a pastel green blazer that harmonized with the surrounding grass. She draped it over a silk shirt in the same color, effortlessly emanating grace and poise.

Star-Studded Spectators at Wimbledon

Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and David Beckham were not the only celebrities in attendance on the third day of the Wimbledon tournament. Numerous renowned figures graced the event with their presence, demonstrating the tournament’s immense popularity and status.

The stars joined the enthusiastic crowd, collectively reveling in the exhilarating atmosphere as they witnessed Jodie Burrage’s valiant efforts on the court. Despite her defeat at the hands of Daria Kasatkina, the players’ exceptional skills and the intense competition left a lasting impression on the spectators, including these notable personalities.

How long will the queue be for Wimbledon? Peak times for waiting

If you’re hoping to watch Novak Djokovic, Iga Swiatek or Dan Evans in action, but didn’t manage to bag a court-side ticket in the public ballot, and don’t want to watch it on TV or listen elsewhere, then you might have to face the famous queue.

Wondering how long it’ll take to enter the grounds? Read on for everything you need to know.

How long will the queue be for Wimbledon? Peak times for waiting

It’s impossible to say how long it will take to queue to enter Wimbledon, but fans can expect to be queuing for hours to enter the grounds.

This year’s lines have been hit with massive delays, with 42,815 attending the championships on Monday, according to the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) – the highest attendance on day one of the tournament since 2015.

The AELTC confirmed that the queue on Wednesday was bigger in comparison with the previous day, warning there were more than 8,000 people in the queue by 8.30am.

Organisers warned Tennis fans that newcomers would probably have to wait “several hours” for entry and that the grounds are set to be at capacity.

The earlier you arrive, the better chance you have of securing a spot that day.

Many tennis fans join the queue the previous day and camp in line overnight to secure a spot when the grounds open the next morning, meaning those who enter the line in the morning often have to wait well into the afternoon to reach the front of the line.

However, if you’re happy to miss the big matches that normally kick off around midday, the other option is to turn up later in the afternoon.

You can join the queue after 5pm for later entry, at which point the queue should be moving much faster.


The allure of Wimbledon extends beyond the world of tennis, captivating celebrities who eagerly attend the prestigioustournament. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry exuded elegance as they enjoyed their day at Wimbledon, capturing special moments and indulging in affectionate gestures. Likewise, David Beckham and his mother, Sandra Beckham, added to the star-studded ambiance with their presence in the Royal Box. Dressed impeccably, these celebrities showcased their fashion sensibilities while cheering on the players. As the excitement of Wimbledon continues to draw renowned figures, it’s evident that this iconic tournament is a captivating event that unites sports and celebrity culture in a unique and thrilling way.

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