A Few Amazing Things You Can Do With A VPN


If you are concerned about your online privacy and constantly worry about institutions tracking and spying on you, Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes as your savior. A VPN is a technology that encrypts your data securely and encloses it in a secure tunnel to send over. It acts as multiple layers of security to your raw data.

Over time its use has increased ten folds with the rising concern of being tracked by government agencies or nefarious activities of hackers. But, with increased connectivity of the world, we have seen new uses of VPN apart from security or privacy. VPNs are now being used for many more purposes than anyone could ever imagine before, some of them are covered in this article.

Protection from ISP

You may think that your internet service providers are decent enough to keep your data confidential but that is not the case. ISPs not only retain your data to give it off to the government organizations when needed but they monitor your every online move, be it your mails or your browsing history, to sell it off to advertising agencies.

Now that the selling of data by ISPs has been legalized, the issue has become graver than before. It gives providers open permission to do whatever they like to your data, in terms of selling it off for any type of advertisement purpose. This exposes you to unwanted and unnecessary advertisements that keep popping up no matter what site you are using.

If you find this annoying, using a VPN can provide you a shield against such unwanted intrusions. It secures your data from getting leaked by the ISPs.

Distant shopping

There come times when we find our favorite item on an online website while traveling abroad. But that retailer site is country-specific and therefore you cannot place your order to have it delivered to your home country.

In such a situation, if you have a VPN server of your home county installed in your system, you can easily gain access to your country’s website and place order. By the time you come back to your home, you would have your product waiting for you.

Watching country-specific tv programs

Almost all of us have searched desperately for some foreign tv show only to find out that the streaming site on which it is available is restricted in your region. And if you are a US TV show fan then you must have faced this situation quite a lot of times as many US tv networks and streaming sites are restricted in many parts of the world.

Thanks to VPN, now you can easily watch those restricted shows without any hassle and gain access to other region-blocked sites. All you need for this is a good internet connection and any smart device, and you are all set to enjoy long hours of binge-watching your favorite tv show.

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