A Simple Solution to Get Your PDF File Fixed

Developed by Adobe that is used for exchanging electronic documents. It wraps all the contents like images, texts, tables, and web pages encoded in the document and can be correctly displayed on any device. Regardless of whether you are opening it on a PC, smartphone, tablet.

The most popular format because it offers a high level of security to documents compared to other formats. Password protection, free viewer applications are some of the advantages that make it a popular format for sharing documents with colleagues. 

When you are sharing confidential documents online, creator applications allow the encryption of PDF files. This entails that unauthorized people cannot edit, modify, print, or copy these documents and so PDF format increases the security level of the document. 

Why does your file get Corrupted?

PDF files may display error messages at times and crash when you open them. Such issues occur because of different reasons as listed below that will lead you to repair PDF file:

  1. Download issues

When you download your have an unstable internet connection, this may cause incomplete and failed file downloads that could corrupt PDF files. Unsuccessful downloads can interfere with the file structure and damage the file.

  1. Hard drive or storage device failure

When you save your USB and have it transferred to the computer, this can sometimes lead to some problems. Hard drive failures and USB storage media issues can be one of the root causes of the corruption and inaccessibility issues of the PDF file. The hard drive or storage media could experience an electrical short circuit, excessive hardware heating, exposure to water that will also affect the files saved into it.

  1. Issues during file transfer

When your file comes from another device, transferring it can cause some problems. Transferring it to a PC via USB drive or cable, corruption can be a probability because of reasons like not initiating the eject command when you eject the USB or its sudden removal from the PC without checking if it has already been transferred. As a result, the PDF document might not be fully processed, hence it is corrupted.

  1. Improper system shutdowns & power failures

When working on the transferring of your file and it has been postponed because of the power outage, it can interrupt the file transfers and downloads and can corrupt files whereas the sudden application that exists also can cause such issues.

Fix It?

So after knowing its causes, it is now time to fix them. Here are some of the ways that you can try until you can retrieve your document.

  1. Open in other PDF reader utilities

Your first step when you open a PDF file and it seems not processing, then before thinking about doing the most complicated solution, you should consider first checking whether the programs that are used to read these PDF documents can be opened and processed or not, for example, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

And if the issue keeps going, then consider trying a new third-party Reader. It is likely the first-aid solution and no need to worry.

  1. Restoration of the original version

If you are working on a Windows 10 machine, it has a backup utility that comes with a built-in OS. This will save you from the effort of restoring your corrupted files because you can just retrieve the previous healthy versions.

  1. Convert it

There are available conversion tools online wherein you can have your file converted and let it be fixed. Here, you will aim to extract the key content inside the PDF file, which can be Images, Graphs, Texts, etc.

Conversion is the most convenient way to extract the elements of your. After dragging your Pe on the conversion site, you can convert into a Word file, as a Word file supports almost all the elements. Then after you have edited the file, you can convert it again into a format.

How to Use

Your corrupted file can be repaired and recovered in a single click! It will only take a few minutes for your repaired file to get downloaded. Recover as much of your data as possible, overall depending on how much is damaged. It may be recovered fully or just some parts when damaged severely.

First, you just have to get your damaged from your computer or an online storage unit like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then drag and drop your PDF file to the box allocated for your file. After a few minutes, your converted fixed file is now ready to be downloaded.

Two-way sharing of your files. You can have it emailed with a personalized message to the recipient of your converted file, or you can copy their provided link of the document and send it to whoever you want your document to be sent.


One thing is evident that an important document format in the official documents since it is reliable in managing documents. It secures the document from getting duplicated or viewed by unauthorized viewers. Also, it keeps the format regardless of what devices they are using. It is compact and keeps all the components that are in the document without having to worry whether they will be disarranged. 

However, there may be some problems along the way in processing cause the corruption of it. Good thing, there are various ways on how you can retrieve your file and can save you some time and effort in re-making the file. 

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