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Samsung Gear S3

Just in time for Christmas shopping, we are happy to share with you our review of the top smartphones that are currently available. If that special person in your life is a big gadget fan then they could absolutely love to receive one of these for Christmas this year. Or perhaps you are just looking to treat yourself with something nice? A little present from you to you?

Of course, many people choose their smartwatch based on which smartphone they are using but that doesn’t mean you stick with that brand forever. Maybe you’re a Samsung user thinking about whether to make the move over to Apple? Well if you are, you will no doubt find this information to be of use.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple are always pushing the boundaries of technology and launching the latest ‘must have’ electronic device that everybody rushes to the shop for. In 2017 the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus were flying off the shelves and head and shoulders above Samsung and Oppo. So Apple are still the darling of the smartphone world so that will mean that Apple Watch is also going to be a popular choice.

The big difference between Series 3 and its predecessors isthat it has cellular activity and will change the way that people communicateforever. You can now leave your phone at home and still answer calls, sendmessages using Siri and even stream your music. No need to take your phone outfor a run or to that business meeting. Siri can even give you directionsthrough your watch. The down side is that it is pretty expensive compared tomany of the alternatives but its fitness features are superior.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung is well known for its aesthetics and that is their main marketing angle with the Samsung Gear S3. They also boast to have designed it for going days without needing to be recharged. From a fashion perspective, the style looks like a watch should look, making for the perfect partner with a set of Tateossian cufflinks, but what is going on behind its sleek exterior puts the ‘smart’ in smartwatch. With just a twist of the bezel, you open up access to a whole range of features including making calls and GPS to check your running distance, or your golf score.

In terms of compatibility, it works with a range of smartphones including Android 4.4 and later, iOS 9.0 and later and iPhone 5 and newer. As you tend to get with most Apple products, they are only compatible with iOS devices so you will need an iPhone with the Apple Smartwatch, so from compatibility, Samsung scores highest.

The Samsung smartwatch looks like a nice watch and the Apple smartwatch looks super hi-tech. Apple as ever gives access to a large range of great apps but if battery power is a big attraction to you then Samsung wins this one hands down. If you have used Apple for the last few years and you have become reliant on their apps, then it is unlikely that the Samsung Gear S3 is going to be enough to make you switch teams. However, due to its compatibility there is no reason why you cannot stick with your iPhone and use the Samsung smartwatch to see whether you prefer the Samsung way of working.

According to PCmag’s review, they score Apple Watch Series 3 with 4/5 and give the Samsung Gear S3 just 3/5, so if you want to go with the experts, stick with Apple.

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