7 Seriously Good Reasons to Keep on Top of TV Entertainment

When people say that television is bad for you and is damaging our society, they couldn’t be more wrong. We are being made out to be a world of couch potatoes who sit on our butts and consume mindless entertainment shows on a regular basis. The truth is, that television is so much more than becoming square eyed on a Sunday afternoon; it evokes emotion, teaches us lesson and gives us excellent talking points with our family and friends. No matter what kind of TV addict you consider yourself to be, there will always be a show that allows you to let loose. Whether you’re dying to see Channing Tatum in a new film or yearning for a brand new true crime documentary to be released, there are so many ways that television can impact our lives. It’s time to wave goodbye to the haters who say that TV is having a negative effect on us, because here are seven seriously good reasons you need to keep on top of television entertainment

1. You Can Stay Up to Date

When you are totally up to date with the latest television shows there is something exciting and exclusive about it. If you keep track of UK Air Dates, you will quickly find out all of the hottest programmes and their release dates, from Have I Got News for You to Elite on Netflix. You can always be one step ahead and looking forward to your favourite comedy viewings at the weekend or thrillers on the way to work. Staying on top of the television industry is an enthralling hobby that more of us need to take up now.

2. Share Your Common Interests

When you are super up to date with the latest dramas and documentaries they are an excellent talking point with people at work, potential romantic partners and family members. The truth is, you can truly connect with somebody over your passions for a television programme or movie; it can become a sentimental thing or even a weekly activity that brings you together. Sharing the joy of television should never be underestimated so find your common interests with the people around you and enjoy the conversation starters.

3. Become Educated

Documentaries and movies can be truly educational to everyone, from working class people to children, everybody can benefit. One poignant example is the fascination with veganism and animal rights sparked by powerful Netflix documentaries such as ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Blackfish.’ You can gain so much knowledge from these impactful stories and they can even change your life sometimes.

4. Be Inspired

There are many entertainment programmes out there that can truly inspire you to change your life or improve an aspect of your life. Whether it’s a health programme or a home design show, you can spark creativity and motivation you never knew you had inside of you.

5. Lose Yourself in Another World

When you have had a rough day at work and you just want to switch off your mind, there is something cathartic and satisfying about losing yourself in another world. Whether you’re watching a cheesy teen series or an emotional movie, you can truly forget about your own problems for an hour and really enjoy yourself. Watching TV is very much like reading a book, you can relate to characters, enjoy twists and turns in a story line and feel emotions like you have never felt before. So next time you’re feeling stressed, throw on your favourite show and feel a sense of freedom.

6. Wave Goodbye to Boredom

Whether you taking a long airplane journey or commuting to work, there is no need to be bored on your travels anymore. You can get the latest entertainment on the go on your phone or iPad and keep up to date with your favourite programmes. Whatever your tastes are you are bound to find the catch up app that allows you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

7. Laugh, Cry and Feel True Emotions

Watching an immersive television programme or film can really allow you to get in touch with your emotions. It can be a healer for people going through a break up or it can bring happiness to someone who is feeling blue; entertainment can truly allow people to feel real emotions and relate to fictional and non-fictional characters

So embrace the power of excellent entertainment and don’t be afraid to indulge in your favourite programmes and movies. Whether you’re chatting about a new drama or getting in touch with your emotions with a rom com, you soon see the positives of the amazing entertainment world.

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