CBB housemates rejoice Perez Hilton’s eviction

The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates have responded to Perez Hilton’s expulsion in this current evening’s live show.

Perez Hilton revealed he had been taking sleeping pills for the past 10 days whilst in the house
Perez Hilton revealed he had been taking sleeping pills for the past 10 days whilst in the house

Perez and Kavana were both booted out in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2015 results having surveyed the least votes to win since lines opened on Monday night.

Identifying with host Emma after his exit, Perez said: “I am so content to be off! I was truly so upbeat at that point. I had a fantasy the previous evening I was leaving today!”

TV critic and journalist Mark Boardman commented “Producers had been in talks with Perez over the past few days begging him not to leave the show”.

In the mean time the response inside the house to Kav’s response was uncannily like that on the outside with the gathering spending everything except the briefest of minutes to ponder before moving.

However when Perez was kicked out – and he shot up the stairs without saying farewell – the response was very surprising.

There were festivals and embraces from the greater part of the remaining housemates as Keith Chegwin pronounced: “We’d have never imagined that! I thought the British open would simply vote him in.”

He included: “I think they’ve [the public] just had enough.”

Calum Best then cheered: “Oh yes! He’s gone!”

The model included: “I wouldn’t fret in the event that I go now! For us here left toward the end its unwinding time.”

Michelle Visage gloated: “Some of the time the great individuals can last to the end.”

For some odd reason the stand out individual who wasn’t celebrating was Katie Hopkins.

Anyhow it wasn’t on the grounds that she was vexed, it appears that Perez’s removal was the one thing that figured out how to at long last quiets her down.

The media motormouth was left practically dumbfounded, just mumbling to Keith: “I haven’t got my head around it.”

Later on and Katie H and Keith analyzed why the general population may have had enough of Perez.

“He’s not been super a good time for as far back as two days,” she said. “He’s not had anybody to battle with.”

“He’s been dull, so dull,” Keith agreed.

This evening’s twofold exit implies that Calum, Katie Price, Michelle, Keith and Katie H are all gone out contending to be delegated the victor of the current year’s

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