Celebrity Big Brother twist revealed!

Perez Hilton may get a go to the last in another Celebrity Big Brother 2015 turn.

Perez Hilton

Alternately, the showbiz blogger could be given a designations revile that sees him unceasingly designated for each remaining removal.

It’s dependent upon us viewers to choose which destiny anticipates Perez when he comes back to the principle house in Tuesday night’s live show.

In this current evening’s highlights we see Perez stage a fake walkout from the house in the wake of getting to be Big Brothers’ manikin expert.

Unbeknown to alternate Housemates, Perez has been existing in a mystery room, viewing everything they might do since Sunday.

From his mystery room, Perez has had an impact over the house including designating Cami Li for Tuesday night’s removal close by Patsy, Nadia and Katie Hopkins.

In any case now the tables have turned with Perez set to be the one being played.

government fans can now vote on whether Perez ought to be remunerated with a go to the last or rebuffed by being naturally selected consistently until he takes off.

To have your say, head over to the “Surveys” area of the Official Channel 5 Big Brother versatile application, accessible for ios and Android gadgets.

The survey will close inside the following 24 hours with the consequences of the viewer choice uncovered live on Tuesday night, alongside the most recent removal.

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