Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee reveals new comedy thriller

Exploring a New Comedy Thriller: “How To Get To Heaven From Belfast”

In the vein of the beloved series “Derry Girls,” a new show is set to hit the screens that promises to bring viewers on an exciting and mysterious journey. Titled “How To Get To Heaven From Belfast,” this upcoming series follows a trio of lifelong friends – Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara – who have shared their lives since their school days. As they find themselves in their late thirties and leading distinctly different lives, an unexpected email announcing the passing of an old classmate, Greta, turns their worlds upside down. What follows is a captivating and unconventional tale that blends comedy, mystery, and exploration of friendship.

A Twist on the Classic Formula

While the show’s premise might appear somewhat familiar, the similarities with “Derry Girls” end at the format. “How To Get To Heaven From Belfast” is poised to take its audience on a rollercoaster of events, blending humor and intrigue. The story kicks off when Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara decide to attend Greta’s wake, only to discover that appearances can be deceiving. The synopsis hints at a “dark and twisted mystery” that draws them in, leading to a sprawling adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns.

From Belfast to the Heart of Ireland

The series promises to deliver a captivating journey that spans various landscapes and emotions. The synopsis sets the stage for an adventure that spans Belfast, a city marked by its history and turmoil, to the untamed wilderness of rural Donegal. This sprawling canvas across Ireland will see the trio attempting to piece together a puzzling truth while grappling with their own complex lives.

A Tale of Friendship and Reality

While the initial premise might lean towards a traditional whodunit, the series is set to delve much deeper. Beyond the mystery, it aims to explore themes of friendship, the disparities between expectations and reality, and the influence of memory on our lives. As the story unfolds, viewers can anticipate a more profound narrative that resonates on multiple levels.

Creator’s Insights

Lisa McGee, the creator behind both “Derry Girls” and “How To Get To Heaven From Belfast,” expressed her excitement about the new project. Reflecting on her inspiration, she shared that the idea was born from conversations with her own close friends. McGee revealed, “We’d have a drink and wonder what our teenage selves would make of us now and that’s where the idea came from. It’s about women of my age that are still friends all these years later. We always say we’d bury a body for each other.”

Channel 4’s Enthusiastic Support

The show has garnered significant support from Channel 4, the network that aired “Derry Girls.” Charlie Perkins, Head of Comedy at Channel 4, expressed immense pride in hosting this unique series. He praised the creative team behind the show and looked forward to bringing Lisa McGee’s vision to life. Perkins said, “Getting to know the multi-hyphenated talents of Lisa, Liz, Caroline and their collaborators at Hat Trick Productions has been one of the greatest pleasures in my first year as Head of Comedy.”

A Winning Legacy

Lisa McGee’s success has already been recognized in the industry. Her win at the BAFTA Television Craft Awards for Writer (Comedy) further solidifies her reputation as a talented storyteller. The award has undoubtedly heightened anticipation for her new venture.

Behind the Scenes and Future Prospects

While the cast of “How To Get To Heaven From Belfast” remains a mystery, key production details are already in place. The show is set to be produced by Hat Trick Productions, with executive producers Caroline Leddy, Liz Lewin, and Jimmy Mulville at the helm. This powerhouse team has been associated with successful shows like “Derry Girls,” “The Inbetweeners,” “Friday Night Dinner,” and more.

As the show’s production gears up, audiences can look forward to a fresh blend of humor, mystery, and exploration of human relationships. With its roots in relatable friendships and a touch of the unknown, “How To Get To Heaven From Belfast” is poised to offer a unique viewing experience that resonates with a wide range of audiences. Keep an eye out for further announcements as this exciting series comes to life on screens soon.

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