Farrah Abraham continue to upset fellow housemates in CBB

US Celeb Farrah Abraham does like getting attention and ruling the roost though she does take things too far, as you will see in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

As part of the first shopping task, Farrah first questions Natasha on her relationship with her husband. James tells Farrah “you know what, I don’t think you have an intelligent conversation in you.”


She accuses Natasha and Gail of being lesbians!! Offcourse Gail was very offended by Farrah’s attitude and choice of words.

For the final part of the task, in tonight’s show Gail, Natasha, James and Chloe – Jasmine are invited to a luxury tea party.

This week Farrah and the other American housemates have been playing the roles of staff to the British who are the Big Brother Royal Family.

In a secret mission, the American housemates have been told they must disobey the BB Royals and sabotage their seniority.

However what they don’t know is that Big Brother has set USA Housemates, Farrah and Austin a secret mission. They have been tasked to get the Royals to lose their cool by getting them angry – in any way they can.

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