“Game of Thrones” Season 7 “Major Spoilers” & Rumoured Start Date

During last season of the HBO cultural phenomenon, almost every major event was leaked weeks in advance. In October Heat Street published a fairly comprehensive plot synopsis of season 7.

While not verified, the leaked plot coincides with many photos from the set which seem to be beyond coincidence.

A source has claimed to have access to the season 7 script, and producing six pages of dialogue from various scenes in the first episode of the new season. This leak seems much less likely to be real than the first, but it’s a fun read anyway if you’re a GoT spoilerhead.

Game of Thrones season 7

The major developments from these pages, if the new script is valid:

Dany and Jon form an alliance.

Finally, after six seasons apart, Dany meets Jon Snow (her nephew, bizarrely) for the first time and the two Targaeryens forge a bond to destroy the Night King together.

Arya and Sansa reunite for the first time since Season 1.

The sisters are seen together on the battlements of Winterfell, contemplating the horrors endured by Sansa at the hands of the late Ramsey Snow.

Arya continues her revenge, slaughtering (perhaps poisoning?) the Frey men. Arya metes out justice while wearing the vivisected face of their father, Walder, whom she slew in the finale of Season Six.

Tyrion and Cersei meet for the first time since she put a bounty on his head for murdering their father.

The usual taunts between brother and sister ensue. Cersei’s insults lobbed at Dany mirror those her late husband also used (“foreign whore”, etc).

Sansa has Littlefinger executed.

This development has already been predicted by reddit — and if these script pages are to believe, the execution is carried out in episode 1 of the new season. Here Arya, at the bidding of her sister, slits Littlefinger’s throat.

If you’re wondering why Walder Frey is in the script after being killed last season, it is Arya in disguise as Frey. It has been confirmed that David Bradley who plays Frey will appear in season 7.

The alleged premiere date for Game of Thrones Season is June 2017 (TBC).

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