GoT Takeover: How Game of Thrones became more than just a television show

With HBO’s Game of Thrones set to return for its sixth season later this year, the shows’ army of international fans are beginning to grow excited with anticipation.

This fantasy adventure has continued to break new ground since it was adapted from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, winning international acclaim and establishing itself as a modern-day cult classic in the process.

Beyond the set: Why Game of Thrones is far more than just a Television Show

While Game of Thrones (or GoT as it is often referred to) may be best-known as a television show and adaptation, however, its future legacy will extend far beyond the silver screen. In fact, the franchise is now a global entity that generates millions of pounds annually, driving worldwide recognition of the brand while also impacting on a rising number of markets and sectors. This starts with the positive impact that Game of Thrones has had on regional tourism, with thousands of travellers flocking to physical locations that have been used for filming.


Interestingly, much of the hit show is shot in wild and untamed wilderness of Northern Ireland, which in turn has triggered an influx of travellers who are avid fans of program. According to recent figures released by Northern Ireland Screen, this has resulted in a £110 million boost to international tourism and the nations’ economy as a whole, creating interest, jobs and overseas investment simultaneously.

The same can also be said (to a lesser degree) for Croatia, which is another popular location for filming.

The Value of GoT Merchandising

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As you would expect from such an internationally renowned, pop-culture franchise, merchandising remains the primary source of revenue from GoT. With millions of fans dotted around the world, hundreds and thousands of pounds are spent each year on a huge range of iconic and increasingly unusual memorabilia from the show.

Among the most popular (and not to mention unusual) items are a life-size replica of the famous Iron Throne, which is available as we speak in HBO’s online store, weights a hefty 350lbs and (£19,000). Avid fans can also purchase lead character Jon Snow’s coveted scabbard, which has been impressively hand-crafted with genuine leather and costs an average of £165 to the discerning customer.

Online and Mobile Gaming Revenues

Gaming is another huge source of income for the GoT franchise, from episodic console adventure to the type of mobile slot games hosted on the Royal Vegas casino Canada. In fact, Royal Vegas’ own GoT slot game has emerged as one of the most popular in the world, combining authentic narratives, characterisation and huge prizes to devastating effect.

With mobile gaming continuing to grow and evolve at an exponential rate, this revenue stream is likely to increase significantly over the course of the next decade.

With the introduction of virtual reality hardware, slot gamers could even find themselves chasing gold while immersed in their favourite GoT landscapes!

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