ITV2 Safeword Interviews with Rick Edwards, Katherine Ryan and David Morgan

ITV 2’s ‘Safeword’ returns back for a second series with main host Rick Edwards and team captain’s Katherine Ryan and David Morgan.

Our roving reporter ALI interviewed the trio exclusively at ITV’s Headquaters on Southbank for to find out which celebrity they’ve got plans to roast next…

What do you feel intrigues viewers about a Celebrity getting roasted? Most of the time Celebrities keep their personal lifes a secret or don’t want it made public?

Katherine: I think there is a tendency in British culture that I’ve noticed anyway, that people will take the mick out of each other but it’s behind someone’s back. We are always taking the mick behind close doors. But safeword puts it right out there, it’s nothing these celebrities haven’t heard before. But it’s popular because there is no other roast series out there in the U.K. I think it is far more kind to say this is how it is, rather than be sneaky about it or have it written in a tabloid.

David: I think it’s almost a catharsis because we have to do it in front of their face as well. It’s almost as if we exersize that spirit out of them, say something like they’ve done something wrong or being silly. Because we say it, it almost draws a line under it and we can move on. I think people like the show for its jokes. It’s mostly jokes, when we open our mouths it should almost end up in a punchline. That is quite rare for a panel show.

The show can be humiliating for the those being roasted. Is there any areas of their lives that you wouldn’t touch?

Katherine: We don’t speak about people’s children, it’s sort of the same rule in stand up, as it is on safeword. There’s nothing off limits as long as it’s funny. If some one had an illness or something terrible happened in their lives it wouldn’t be funny or make a joke about that. It’s not fair to bring people’s family lives into it. But that is not a rule as is just is a moral code for all comedians anyway.

Other than that completely nothing is off limits. We go into the mistakes they’ve made, criminal history they might have had, and best achievements – we’ll tear those a part as well. Just anything they have done throughout their lives.

David: I don’t think it’s humiliating. I don’t feel like we would say anything that would make them feel awful. Because it would make a bad show. I don’t think we want to walk out.

Sinitta (Pictured below) got upset last series, why do you think that was?

Katherine: What safeword does very well is exposes the true nature of a celebrity. Something that you might not see when their image is constructed in a television show that they may be acting in or an appearance. On safeword that’s really who they are and a lot of celebrities come out of safeword really well showing they can laugh at themselves and they can take the mick. Other celebrities are quite precious and that unfortunately comes out on safeword to.


David: Last year Vicky Patterson owned her roast and came off as she did, not saying we allowed her to win [Laughs].

Celebrities should already know what they are putting themselves up for when signing up to the series.

Why do you feel they don’t use their safeword?

David: They’re fiercely competitive. All the celebrities want to win. We almost forget it is a competition. But they really, really want to win. So they need to go further than the other celebrity. We weren’t expecting them to be quite so competitive.

How do you think you would cope if you where the people being roasted?

Katherine: I’d love it. I thought I would be much more roasted harshly, but everyboy is afraid of me. [Everyone laughs].

David: Really hard to roast Katherine Ryan, so…

Katherine: I self roast. I be rabbit myself everyday. Um…I love it. I think it’s an honour, but I see it from a North American perspective as ‘What’s mean’ as what David is talking about, which is, to talk behind someone’s back but to say something as a joke format to someone’s face. Especially when we know the amount of reseach that goes into studying all of the personal life and career of a celebrity and crafting jokes. We see it as a craft! The amount of time and presenting it in a monologue to that celebrities face, is great a honour.

Can’t until the day someone roasts me! The only time I wouldn’t do it, would be if it was last minute rushed. The harsher the roast the confident it is.

Is there anyone in particular that you want to see on Safeword?

David: Spice Girls! I want to see Spice Girls.

Katherine: He needed to really think about that.

David: I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time. I want Mel B vs Mel C. They would be the best one’s at it. That would be hilarious. [At Katherine] You wanted Piers Morgan vs Clarkson?…

Katherine: …That would be good.

How do you think they would be able to take the roast?

David: The ones you think who you think would do really well come on the show and aren’t as good, then, other people come on and blow people away. Brian McFadden (Picture below), I wasn’t expecting him to be as good as he was. He was one of the best. He came prepared. He had jokes written that was amazing.

Brian McFadden safeword

Are there going to be any changes to the format or is it going to be like the first?

David: The roast rounds are just a roast instead of picking a subject, now it’s just ‘Katherines Go’ or ‘Davids Go’. I mean it’s much better for us because it means we can format it. The roast now gets more harsher.

Katherine: We had categories last time. We felt a little bit limited by the categories. So now, it’s just free for all, there’s no theme, it’s just: Lydia Bright – Go!

David: Rick’s got noises!…

Rick: Yeah [Laughs].

Katherine: Rick is great. Rick is so funny. I think of one the reasons why I wanted to do this show was because I knew Rick was hosting. If it were Vernon Kay … meh!

Ricks not just another presenter, he’s basically a comedian. That would make a good roast – Vernon Kay vs Tess Daly on the show.

David: We would 100% have to do that! We have to do it via text though.

Katherine: Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson are savory characters for the most part. I find it difficult to roast Jeremy Clarkson because I ‘GENUINELY’ dislike him.

David: It is difficult to roast somebody if you dislike them.

Katherine: Yeah, because a roast is not ment to be hateful. I think I was be interested to get celebrities who are a little bit managed and you don’t get to see them unhinged, someone that I would be really admire and respect, like Amanda Holden. I feel like she’s elevated to the point that I would love to see more of her.

The bigger the celebrity the more they get protected. Nicole Scherzinger who I worked with and she’s gorgeous and so talented. But I don’t think people behind the scenes of a major celeb.

David: I really wanted to get Rylan this series.

Katherine: Rylan’s difficult because he’s so unfilter. I want some one who is not unfiltered. I want to get into a part of celebrity that I have not seen before.

Rick: I met Nicole Scherzinger many times and she thinks my name is ‘Roger’. I don’t actually think she knows what my name really is. She probably began to call my name as ‘Roger’, as a joke, but couldn’t bother to correct herself.

Who can we expect to see on the second series?

Katherine: Carol Vordeman, which was an amazing guest. We love and respect her.

I was please to roast her from a point of admiration.

David: Jamie Laing. He’s adorable, like getting a puppy.

Rick: James Haskell, the rugby player, he was very up for it.

Great! Well, Thank’s for talking to me guys.

ITV 2’s ‘Safeword’ is coming soon, out on June 2 nd 2016. Make sure you stick around this summer and watch more celebrities get roasted. My favourite would be between Katherine

Ryan and Jeremy Clarkson. I don’t know why she dislikes him, but it would be interesting to see a one on one roast. If you are interested too, do let us know on @MarkMeets #MarkMeets.

Interviews by: Ali Armian.

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