Jameela Jamil jumps on the ‘I wanna be a reality TV show judge bandwaggon’

Former Radio One DJ Jameela Jamil has revealed she would love to be a judge on ‘The Voice’, prob to cash in!!

The former Radio One DJ revealed that she wants to walk in Nick Grimshaw’s footsteps – who is also a DJ for Radio One and was recently announced as the new ‘X Factor’ judge for this year, replacing Louis Walsh – and that being a judge on a music reality show is definitely something she would consider as she ”loves music and loves nurturing young talent”.

Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil

We’re not really sure who she is, but she is no Alesha Dixon for sure! Speaking about whether being on a judging panel is something that appeals to her, the 28-year-old beauty said ”Oh yes! I love music, I love new talent, and it’s definitely something I would be been interested in if the right show came along – I love nurturing young talent and I think it’s really fun to find new talent.”

Jameela also said that a lot of popstars today use sex to sell records as opposed to actually being talented.

She said: ”I think a lot of people in the music industry are often more style over substance and what I would love to be a part of, is finding people who can really, really sing and finding people who can really grow, and create real musicians again like the old days, not like some of popstars today who just got naked and just do anything in order to sell singles.

”I would want people who really have the chop, I think that’s what would be really exciting about being a judge of one of those shows.”

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