John De Mol Quiz Show ‘The Floor’ Lands At Fox

Fox Secures Adaptation Rights for John De Mol’s Physical Quiz Show ‘The Floor’

In an exciting development for the unscripted TV community, Fox has acquired the U.S. rights to “The Floor,” a thrilling physical quiz show originally hailing from the Netherlands. The show is the brainchild of John De Mol, the mastermind behind popular reality TV franchises such as “The Voice” and “Big Brother,” and is produced in collaboration with Eureka Productions, known for their work on ABC’s “Holey Moley.”

“The Floor” stands out with its unique format, pitting 100 contestants against each other in quiz duels on a massive LED floor divided into one hundred equal squares. Each square represents a distinct field of knowledge, making the competition a test of both mental acuity and physical agility.

The first challenger, chosen randomly, selects a neighboring opponent to engage in an epic quiz duel within the opponent’s category. The victor claims the loser’s square, expanding their territory and edging closer to the grand prize of $250,000. The defeated contestant exits the game, while the winner faces a crucial decision: pursue another square or let the floor select a new challenger. The ultimate goal is to gain full control over the entire floor, a feat that guarantees the life-changing cash reward.

While the unscripted TV landscape has experienced a lull in major acquisitions over the past six months, Fox and CBS are bucking the trend. CBS, under the leadership of CEO George Cheeks, revealed plans to develop four or five unscripted series as part of their contingency measures during the writers’ strike. These developments offer a glimmer of hope to reality producers seeking new opportunities.

“The Floor” has already captivated audiences in the Netherlands, where it premiered on RTL4. Its success has led to adaptations in France and Germany, with an option for a remake in the United Kingdom. Now, Fox is set to bring this exhilarating format to American viewers, further bolstering its partnership with Eureka Productions, the Fremantle-backed company responsible for hits like “Farmer Wants A Wife” and the Netflix revival of “The Mole.”

Overseeing the production as showrunner is Anthony Carbone, an experienced executive producer known for his work on popular series such as Netflix’s “Floor Is Lava” and CBS’ “Tough As Nails.” Collaborating with Carbone are a team of talented executives including John De Mol, Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Mark van Achterberg, Eden Gaha, and Wes Dening. Talpa, De Mol’s distribution company, is also involved in the production of the show.

With Fox’s acquisition of “The Floor,” viewers can anticipate a thrilling and intellectually demanding competition that will push contestants to their limits. John De Mol’s creative vision, coupled with the expertise of Eureka Productions, promises to deliver an enthralling and rewarding experience for both participants and viewers alike.

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