Kingsland Road have been hiding secret girlfriends

The boys have claimed to all be single, but in fact two of the five piece have partners. And they’re not happy about being made to look invisible!

Matt Cahill has been dating Hannah Thistleton “for months”. A friend told the tabloid: “She’s not happy he’s been saying he’s single and she’s to stay in the shadows.”

Kingsland Road
Kingsland Road

But a “pal” of Matt’s retaliated: “He just wants to keep her out of the limelight for her own sake.”

Meanwhile, JJ Thompson has also got a secret other half.

And she’s so secret, no one even knows her name.

The friend claimed: “It’s a serious thing. He’s not single, far from it.”

An X Factor source told the publication this morning: “Kingsland Road are playing the game like so many boybands before them.

“They’ve been saying in interviews they’re all single because they desperately want the girls to fancy them and vote for them.

“It’s extremely cynical to be spinning lies, but X Factor brings out the ruthless side in anyone.”

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