Mr. Morris Lines from Friday Night Dinner: Hilarious Quotes by Harry Landis

If you’re a fan of the beloved British sitcom “Friday Night Dinner,” you can’t help but adore the quirky and comical character of Mr. Morris, brilliantly brought to life by the talented Harry Landis. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most side-splitting lines delivered by Mr. Morris, making us laugh out loud in every episode.

Introducing Mr. Morris

Before we dive into the hilarity, let’s get to know Mr. Morris, the unforgettable neighbor of the Goodman family. With his eccentricities, unpredictable behavior, and unforgettable catchphrases, Mr. Morris brings an extra layer of amusement to the show.

1. “I Don’t Like Dogs, Dirty.”

One of Mr. Morris’s classic lines is his straightforward and humorous declaration: “I don’t like dogs, dirty.” His bluntness and unique way of expressing his dislike for dogs add a touch of hilarity to his interactions with the Goodmans and their beloved pet, Wilson.

2. “Think You’re Tough, Do You?!”

Whenever Mr. Morris finds himself in a somewhat challenging situation, he responds with this amusing line: “Think you’re tough, do you?!” His confident yet humorous demeanor in such moments never fails to elicit laughter from the audience.

3. “You Filthy Slanderer!”

Mr. Morris’s reactions to various situations are always entertaining, and his exclamation, “You filthy slanderer!” adds a humorous flair to his encounters with other characters, often leading to absurd yet amusing exchanges.

4. “And Where Do You Think You’re Going, Mr. Molester?!”

In one of the most memorable episodes, Mr. Morris hilariously confuses the word “molester” with “mole-catcher,” leading to a series of comedic misunderstandings and awkward moments.

5. Mr. Morris’s Unconventional Wisdom

Throughout the series, Mr. Morris dispenses his unconventional wisdom and peculiar views on life, adding depth to his character while delivering laughs with his unique perspective on the world.

6. The Car Crash Incident

Mr. Morris’s car crash and subsequent engagement are classic moments in “Friday Night Dinner.” His reactions to the events and the ensuing chaos create some of the most uproarious scenes in the show.

7. Mr. Morris’s Dance Moves

When it comes to dancing, Mr. Morris has his distinct style that is both amusing and endearing. His quirky dance moves never fail to entertain, making any gathering a memorable one.

8. The Notorious Garage Sale

In one episode, Mr. Morris decides to host a garage sale, leading to hilarity as he tries to sell his collection of odd and seemingly worthless items, much to the bewilderment of potential buyers.

9. Mr. Morris and His Beloved Art Collection

Mr. Morris’s passion for art, particularly his fondness for eccentric pieces, results in humorous discussions and misunderstandings with the Goodmans, providing a delightful comedic subplot.

10. The Legacy of Mr. Morris

As “Friday Night Dinner” continues to be cherished by fans, the legacy of Mr. Morris lives on. Harry Landis’s impeccable comedic timing and delivery have etched Mr. Morris into the hearts of viewers, making him one of the most adored and unforgettable characters in the series.

five quiz questions related to Mr. Morris from “Friday Night Dinner”:

  1. Guess How Many Heart Attacks Mr. Morris Has Had? Two, Three, Four, Five
  2. What Was the Name of Mr. Morris’s Button Sewing Company? a) Morris & Co. b) Button Bonanza c) Sewing Sensation d) The Button Emporium
  3. What of these lines did Mr. Morris’s say? a) “Shalom Jackie!” b) “I Don’t Like Dogs, Dirty.” c) “You Filthy Slanderer!” d) “And Where Do You Think You’re Going, Mr. Molester?!”
  4. How Many People Did Mr. Morris Employ at His Button Sewing Company? 5, 11, 16, 20

(Note: The answers are as follows:

1) Three.

2) Morris & Co. Of his competition, he said Rutherfords doesn’t know a button through a monkeys anus. Mr Morris ran “Not the fourth, not the third but the SECOND biggest button-sewing company in the Hertfordshire Region!!!!”

3) b, c, and d).

4) ) 11.

In conclusion, Mr. Morris, portrayed by the talented Harry Landis, is undeniably one of the standout characters in “Friday Night Dinner.” With his witty lines, eccentricities, and humorous escapades, he never fails to brighten up each episode with laughter and joy. The comedic brilliance of Harry Landis ensures that Mr. Morris’s quotes and moments will remain etched in our minds as cherished memories from this beloved British sitcom.

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