Peter Capaldi on playing The Doctor

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has said that playing the Time Lord is the most straightforward occupation he’s ever done.

The 56-year-old Glaswegian, who succeeded Matt Smith in the part last Christmas, has been a long lasting fanatic of the show.

Peter Capaldi on playing The Doctor
Peter Capaldi on playing The Doctor

When he was thrown a year ago, the Record uncovered Capaldi’s mystery inward nerd, having been included in a fight to assume responsibility of the Doctor Who fan club in the 70s, and additionally composing fanzine articles.

What’s more notwithstanding having won an Oscar and playing profane political twist specialist Malcolm Tucker in hard luck up to the eyeballs, he says being the Doctor is the part that comes most commonly to him.

He chuckled: “It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life!

“It’s not hard, it’s fun, because we’ve got such a great team, the scripts are so good, and we’ve such a fun programme, and it’s such an iconic thing.

“People keep saying to me, ‘Is it weird suddenly being recognised in a way I wasn’t before?’

“I walk down the street, and people say ‘Look, there’s Doctor Who,’ not, ‘Look, there’s Peter.’ They see me and smile, as they are happy to see Doctor Who, and that’s lovely.”

Capaldi has now finished his initial 13 scenes, and had the first perusing of scripts for the following arrangement not long from now.

He added: “I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly.

“We just had the read-through for the first of next series and I went through the same thing last year, and was absolutely terrified as I didn’t know anybody – and I had to be Doctor Who!

“The scripts have been fantastic, the crew are fabulous, Jenna is fabulous, and all the guest actors we’ve had onboard have been fabulous – it’s just been great and really good fun.

“It’s difficult to say what specific moments were significant to me because the whole thing has just been amazing. The first time you go on to the set, the first time you meet a Dalek or even the first time the TARDIS wobbles when you shut the door. I know it won’t last forever so I’m enjoying it all.”

Peter Capaldi says playing the 'Doctor Who' is the easiest job ever - MarkMeets Entertainment
Peter Capaldi says playing the ‘Doctor Who’ is the easiest job ever – MarkMeets Entertainment

The essayist of the Christmas unique – titled Last Christmas – is Paisley man Steven Moffat who is additionally the show’s official maker.

He said: “What Peter triumphs in is that he is propping. We’ve been utilized to a specific sort of Doctor over three altogether different performers – Chris (Eccleston), David (Tennant) and Matt (Smith). The Doctor has been more youthful, blokier, marginally more cutting edge, you may say more agreeable. We’ve now tossed that into opposite.

“There are moments with the other three actors where you can see a spiky, scary older man inside him and now we’re seeing more of that man.

“Peter makes you look for the heroism more, which I think is exciting – it throws you off balance.

“It’s almost like going from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig as James Bond. Making the Doctor older has inadvertently made the show feel new again.”

In the Christmas extraordinary, which affectation next Thursday, the Time Lord meets Santa Claus, played by Nick Frost.

Moffat said: “It’s come from the idea of, ‘what if Doctor Who met Santa Claus?’

“There’s actually an old comic strip when William Hartnell meets Santa, so I’ve always wanted the two of them, face to face. I’m a total believer in Santa Claus.”

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