Richard Hammond admits “I’m not the best driver”

TV personality Richard Hammond has said his daughters are not keen on him being their driving instructor.

The Top Gear presenter, 43, has made a career around his expert knowledge of cars.

But he said: “I don’t think they want me to be (their driving instructor) because I’m just dad and what do I know about anything?

Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond

“But I can’t wait to go out in a car with them.”

The presenter, whose daughters are 10 and 13, insisted he was not a great driver.

“Every time I say I am, I crash. Every time my wife or daughters say, ‘Just be careful’, I go and do something stupid.

“I’ve done a lot of driving so I’m an experienced driver, but that doesn’t necessarily make me a good one,” he added.

The pint-sized star said he’d come to terms with the 2006 accident which occurred when he reached 314mph, an unofficial British land speed record.

Richard Hammond added: “I don’t wake up of a morning and think, ‘Oh no, I’ve lost the keys because of my head injury’. I’ve accepted that we can be changed by so many things and I’ve just filed it along with them,” he said.

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