Rick And Morty series 4 trailer lands

Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty has now received a whopping 70-episode order, ensuring the series will continue long past when Cronenberg World becomes reality here in our own dimension.

New episodes of the cult sci-fi sitcom will be released exclusively on Channel 4.

Happily, there’s some chance we’ll all live long enough to see it as well, which is always good news.

It’s been two full years since we received any new Rick and Morty content, but that all changed today when we were gifted the first trailer for season four.

The show follows a grandpa and grandson duo, Rick and Morty, as they traverse space and time to go on ridiculously entertaining adventures.


As per usual, this trailer has everything — including more of Rick making perfect pop culture references. We understand there will be 5 new episodes.

MarkMeets has confirmed that Rick And Morty will be back on 10th November.

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