Simon Cowell promises major changes for live X Factor shows

The X Factor is well under way though ratings have not met expectations and now Simon Cowell has promised some major changes to The X Factor 2015 live shows.

The plans comes as viewers are 1m down on last year, fresh plans to air the judges houses stage live were put to a stand still as bosses found it too difficult to plan calling it a logistical nightmare’

X Factor 2015

Whilst much of the show will be pre-recorded, MarkMeets have been told that the results will be delivered live as the finalists are confirmed.

When it comes to the actual live shows – which this year have been reduced from 10 to 7 weeks long – Simon told the Daily Star newspaper: “The live shows are going to have some big changes.”

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“I’ve got some ideas and we’re going to trial them to see what works. I want the lives to be a lot more fun.”

Talking about the show recently, Simon confessed: “You shouldn’t be afraid to change things.

“It can’t be for the sake of changing things though, you should only do it if you think things could be better. So we have some ideas, otherwise you just make the same show year after year, which is boring.”

We love Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw and it seems that both stars have already started gearing up for the live finals which begin on Halloween.

“I’m excited about it being live, instant and right there,” Rita enthused. “When things go live even I’m like, ‘oh my god!’, so I think everyone’s going to be on their toes but they should be on their game at that point too. I can’t wait, it’s going to be exciting. I’m looking forward to the themes! I love a theme. My favourite? Probably like 70s disco, that’s always fun!”

Nick added: ” I can’t wait to see the evolution of the contestants. I like it when they come in and they are a little bit nervous and then they turn into a star. I think it’s great for the viewers and great for them, they’ve gone through this process and they can love themselves. The live shows I’m ready for, I can’t wait.”

X Factor Boot Camp begins Sunday at 7pm

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