Sir David Attenborough’s Next Documentary is a MUST SEE

Sir David Attenborough has narrated a new documentary, and if the recent Blue Planet II is anything to go by, it will be legendary. Who can forget the shapeshifting octopus, or the powerful footage of sea pollution which brought a plastics giant to its knees, forcing it to enter administration? Dynasties has taken the BBC four years to make and will feature lions, tigers, hunting dogs, gorillas and emperor penguins.

It is true that any documentary bearing Attenborough’s name will be a surefire hit, but the way in which we report animals has changed dramatically since he started making documentaries for the BBC in the 1960s. Originally, it was a chance to simply view the animals, and accompany Attenborough as he discovered increasingly exotic locations. However, changes in television habits have forced producers of nature documentaries to take a more narrative approach to subjects. As viewers, we take sides with the characters and we are encouraged to root for the underdog. Dynasties will follow five different animals and their families, allowing viewers to discover interpersonal relationships between the animals and their habits as a group.

“They set out to build a group, a family, a troop, a pride – one that will rule and in turn provide for their offspring. More than just survival – their goal is dominance of the land.” – BBC Press Release

Dynasties taps into the popularity of these animals, allowing us to learn more about them. Cats for example already hold a great fan base on the internet, and big cat programmes tend to pull in viewers. Shows on Sky such as Big Cat Sanctuary allow viewers to see the cats closer up and have been a huge hit. There are around two million cat videos on Youtube, and people have viewed these videos more than 25 billion times, making the cat the most popular animal on the internet. Microgaming, a casino-game developer recommended by, have even tapped into the trend with their Exotic Cats slot. As the preservation of nature becomes an ever-increasing concern, the prominence of exotic animals in other media will only increase.

Whilst we still await a trailer for Dynasties, Blue Planet and Planet Earth were considered to be huge ratings successes, winning four prime-time Emmys and becoming the most-watched natural history show of the 21st century. If these statistics are anything to go by, Dynasties is going to be a marvellous schooling in how to make nature documentaries, narrated by the inimitable Sir David Attenborough.

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