Spooks: The Greater Good

Spooks: The Greater Good. But is it?

Being fan of the hit Spooks, we were sad to see it leave our Television Monday Night Viewing. Main reasons were that the show had lost many of its fantastic Actors who brought so much to the show. And with the U.S. dramas becoming more frequent (24, CSI) the show left our sets in 2011, leaving us to wonder, whether the show would ever come back.

Well director, Bharat Nalurri, answered this question for us in 2015 with Spooks: The Greater Good at cinemas on the 8th May. That’s right people, a feature length film of the show.

The Film followed the exact same plot from the TV series, following MI5 into preventing terrorist threats against the country and still who better to lead this than Chief Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) who is still head of all operations in MI5 (good to have an old face to relate to) however things turn south very quickly when a Terrorist escapes MI5 custody and all the blame falls onto Mr Pearce.

Harry must then team up with a washed up MI5 agent Will Holloway (Kit Harrington), who has a lot of history with Harry, to prevent an attack made to the capital of London. But once again, this is Spooks, so there are many twists to story.

As a film, I thought it may struggle to keep up with other films like it (The Bourne Series) but in fact it felt just like watching a double bill on the large screen with more scenes of explosions, different location settings and an actor who everyone will always know as Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones (Sorry Kit Harrington). The pace of the film was prefect, dropping you straight into the action, then gradually throughout spreading the action throughout evenly. However the only problem with this film is who it’s aimed at.



If you are a Spooks fan, then you’ll find it brilliant finish to the shows long running history but however with some slight changes to references. The “Grid” comes to mind.

If you’ve never heard of Spooks or your first time seeing a espionage feature length film, you’ll feel a bit confused and feel like you’ve been left out of a conversation, as the film tries to explain to you about history of certain characters, but poorly and in the wrong sequence. It’s also very short time they give to the back stories. Half the time you were trying to think who’s this person? What’s their involvement. The film throughout leaves you in suspense and unlike most espionage films, has little gun fights, though sometimes a shot which will make you jump out of your seat.

All in all, this is a film which lives up to the expectation of the series. Whether or not they want to carry it on as a film or Television Franchise… That’s a question for higher intelligence.


Fred Scott


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