Streaming Phenomenon: Suits’ Influence on Legal Dramas

Suits, the legal drama that captivated audiences on the USA Network from 2011 to 2019, has embarked on a new journey of success through streaming giant Netflix. This exploration delves into the trend of completed shows finding a second life on streaming platforms, the enduring appeal of Suits, and Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos’ prediction of a surge in legal dramas inspired by the streaming triumph of this legal series.

A Streaming Trend Unveiled

Completed Shows on Streaming Platforms

The streaming success of Suits isn’t an isolated case but part of a larger trend where completed shows rediscover their audience on streaming platforms. Notable instances include the sitcoms Friends and The Office, both experiencing a resurgence in popularity after landing on Netflix. The binge-watching culture facilitated by streaming services has transformed how viewers consume content, creating a demand for more even after a show concludes its original run.

Suits’ Resurgence in 2023

The Evolution of Suits on Netflix

Since its debut on Netflix in June 2023, Suits has experienced a significant uptick in popularity. Created by Aaron Korsh, the legal drama originally followed the exploits of lawyer Harvey Specter and his protege Mike Ross. The Netflix release not only reintroduced the legal drama to its dedicated fan base but also attracted a new generation of viewers. This surge in interest prompted talks of a new spinoff set in the same universe but featuring different characters.

A Spinoff in the Works

In October of the same year, NBCUniversal officially announced the development of a new Suits spinoff, confirming the enduring appeal of the legal drama genre. The spinoff, set in Los Angeles, marks a departure from the original’s New York setting, offering a fresh perspective while maintaining the essence of legal intricacies that fans cherish.

Ted Sarandos’ Bold Prediction

Netflix Co-CEO Forecasts a Legal Drama Onslaught

Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, sees Suits as a catalyst for a new wave of legal dramas in 2024. Drawing parallels with the resurgence of The Karate Kid through Cobra Kai, Sarandos anticipates a surge in lawyer-centric shows, driven by the undeniable success of Suits in the streaming realm. His insights, shared at the UBS Global Media and Communication Conference, shed light on the industry’s dynamic response to viewer preferences.

“I would argue next year you’ll probably see a bunch of lawyer shows… Sony is making a movie of Cobra Kai. Why are they doing that? Because Cobra Kai was a monster on Netflix.” – Ted Sarandos

Legal Dramas Beyond 2024

Anticipating a Legal Drama Renaissance

Sarandos’ predictions open up a dialogue about the future of legal dramas in the entertainment landscape. The anticipated influx of lawyer-centric series in 2024 suggests either a heightened demand from viewers or a proactive approach from content creators seeking to replicate the success of Suits. As legal dramas have proven to capture a wide and eager audience, the challenge lies in striking a delicate balance between levity, drama, and the intricate proceedings of the legal world.

A New Era for Legal Genre Admirers

The upcoming wave of legal dramas, propelled by the streaming triumph of Suits, holds the promise of diversifying storytelling within the legal genre. Creators may be inspired to explore new narratives, character dynamics, and settings to meet the evolving expectations of a discerning audience. The success of these future legal dramas will likely hinge on their ability to capture the essence that made Suits a standout series, blending engaging storytelling with a genuine portrayal of legal complexities.


Suits‘ streaming success serves as a beacon for the evolving dynamics of the entertainment industry, especially in the realm of legal dramas. The series not only secured its legacy during its original run but found a rejuvenated audience on streaming platforms. With a spinoff in the works and Ted Sarandos predicting a surge in legal dramas, the genre is poised for a renaissance in 2024 and beyond. As viewers eagerly anticipate the next wave of legal storytelling, the legacy of Suits stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of well-crafted narratives in the legal genre.

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