Kit Harington to star in Jamie Lloyd’s Doctor Faustus – West End

Heartthrob Harington returns to the West End to play Faustus in April

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington has been announced to star in Jamie Lloyd’s new production of Doctor Faustus, opening at the Duke of York’s Theatre in April.

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As well as playing Jon Snow in the hit HBO series, Harington’s theatre credits include War Horse at the National Theatre (original cast) and Posh at the Royal Court.

On returning to the stage, Harington said: “I have been away from the theatre for six years, so the combination of Colin Teevan’s inventive version of Marlowe’s extraordinary play in the hands of the visionary director Jamie Lloyd all felt like the perfect reason to come back. Faustus’ journey is exhilarating and the idea of playing a magician – a showman – is hugely exciting.”

Christopher Marlowe’s 1592 tragedy, which centres around Faustus making a pact with devil and the cost of wealth and fame, will include two acts by Colin Teevan, replacing the middle acts to offer a fresh perspective.

Commenting on the West End Stage casting, Lloyd said: “Harington is one of the most dynamic young actors around and he’s eager for a new challenge. This version of this legendary play combines the very best of Marlowe’s text with thrilling work by Colin Teevan, which replaces the notorious central acts, long-suspected to be of spurious origin.”

The production will be designed by Soutra Gilmour, with lighting by Jon Clark, and music and sound by Ben and Max Ringham.

Further West End casting to be announced.

Asked about his future in Game of Thrones, after the apparent death of Jon Snow at the end of season five, Harington urged fans to stick with the show.

“They should tune in and watch because whatever happens in the next season will be very exciting. But John Snow is dead I’m afraid.

“I think [fans’ speculation] is great for the show – but they shouldn’t get their hopes up about anything because Game of Thrones is very good at dashing hopes.

“It’s been a gateway into many things for me – including this play – and I love it and owe it a lot. I hope that people keep watching it as it comes to a slow, gradual end.

Doctor Faustus will run at the Duke of York’s Theatre from 25 April to 4 June.

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