West End Wilma – London Theatre Stars come together to stream live concerts

The West End come together to stream live concerts from next week

Lambert Jackson Productions and the Theatre Café have joined forces to present a series of live concerts by some of the West End’s biggest stars from next week.

For anyone who love travels and also all things entertainment then whilst plans may be on hold right now there are still alot of things to do from planning your year and researching holidays to making a list of people, events you want to see and so, so why not spend your time creating a bucket list for the year ahead.

For a fee of £7.50, significantly less than a ticket to a show, audiences around the country will be able to access a live concert from their favourite West End performer from the best seat in the house – their own home!

There will be three concerts a day on weekdays of the west end show. The fee per show will be split between the artist, who will have the highest percentage, Lambert Jackson and the Theatre cafe to cover running costs, and the streaming and licensing fee. There are also ongoing discussions about charity partnerships to further help those in our industry who are in need during this difficult time.

Details of how to stream and further line ups will be coming very shortly.

Here is the line up for next week…

Monday 23 March
2.30pm: Layton Williams
4.30pm: Sarah O’Connor
6.30pm: Lucie Jones

Tuesday 24 March
2.30pm: Emma Kingston
4.30pm: Victoria Hamilton-Barritt
6.30pm: Natalie May Paris

Wednesday 25 March
2.30pm: Christopher Cameron
4.30pm: Evelyn Hoskins
6.30pm: Cassidy Janson

Thursday 26 March
2.30pm: Bradley Judge and Harry Cooper Miller
4.30pm: Blake Patrick Anderson
6.30pm: David Hunter

Friday 27 March
2.30pm: Danielle Steers
4.30pm: Steph Parry
6.30pm: Alice Fearn

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