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Earlier this month we introduced our featured music artist TOM ANDREWS for November 2013 and now Tom Andrews’ shares his experiences in a brand new exclusive interview with our site editor Mark Boardman for MARKMEETS.

Having won many new fans over with his ‘Carry Me On‘ music video which has amassed over 200,000 views, Tom is now one of the most exciting discoveries we’ve seen in ages and we expect to hear his music everywhere in 2014!

Tom Andrews discusses his love of music, reveals how stars like Cheryl Cole hande fame,  plus he talks about his upcoming apperance at soccersix!

The Devon born singer/songwriter would also love One Direction or Maroon 5 to cover one of his many tracks that he’s written for the last few years.

Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews is MARKMEETS featured music artist fo November 2013

Watch Tom Andrew’s latest music cover further below.

This will be your first time playing at soccersix, how excited are you to have been asked?
Really excited! Mentally preparing myself for humiliation as I really, really can’t play football! But I think it’s going to be a really great day. I’ve seen that loads of awesome people are playing.

How did you celebrate your birthday earlier this month?
I just went out for a meal with my family! We had loads of sushi; it was a really fun night! I went over to Plymouth with some friends for the night the next day, so it was kind of an extended thing!

When did you buy your first guitar and what advise would you give people who want to play?
I bought my first guitar at 15, I’d advise people who want to learn, not to leave it laying around for 4 years, then think, “Oh yeah! I wish I could play guitar,” and pick it up again.

I’m still learning, but I love playing… It’s given me loads of opportunities to get on stage, I just can’t wait till I’m actually any good at it!

If you had to give one of your songs away to another artist to sing, what artist/singer you would pick and why? @From @TomAhawksHQ
I’d love to hear anyone singing my songs! There is one that may be on somebody’s album coming out soon, but that’s unconfirmed… I’ve got a lot of songs that would sound awesome with One Direction or Maroon 5… Which may be slightly ambitious! I wrote a load of really pop heavy songs last year, I think they’d really suit lots of people!

How do you think artists like 1D, Cheryl Cole, The Wanted manage to cope with fame?
I haven’t had any experience like they’ve had so its hard to say! I guess having a good team around you with people you can really trust is important & having your family close!

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Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews


“He has an effortless singing style and a rapidly growing fanbase”

Where did the idea come from your “Carry Me On” music video? and who is the hot girl?
The song is about, the kind of regrouping you do after something really knocks you off track, and you need a while, or someone to help you back on your feet. I think the video kind of shows some of the self reflection you do, showing what all of those emotions could look like on paper. The girl is a model, I haven’t spoken to her in ages, but she’s brilliant in the video!

If you could pick a celebrity cameo for one of your music videos, how would you pick and what would be the story in the video?
That’s a really hard question! I’d want a really serious video where it’s all heartbreak and misery, and then Keith Lemon randomly shows up and starts Keith Lemoning around. That would be fantastic.

What does having a blue tick on twitter mean to you?
The blue tick’s cool I guess! It was a bit of a surprise when I got it, we were quite excited!


Here is the latest TOM ANDREWS music cover of Lana Del Ray’s ‘Radio’


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