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Having promoted some of today’s best known and hottest music acts from when they began their journey, we’re pleased to showcase the amazing talent of solo star: Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews

At just 19, Tom Andrews, from Devon has had some fantastic experiences already in the music world.

Since finding his voice at 13, and taking singing lessons, he has progressed from competing in small local competitions through to writing with some of the modern songwriting greats.

At MarkMeets, our passion, online presence and reputation for promoting fresh new talent offers artists offers a great platform for artists to be seen by even more people to succeed.

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Although born just outside London, Tom has spent much of his life in the West Country of the UK, where he has been blessed to grow up next to beautiful beaches and countryside. He soon realised however, that to follow his dream he had to travel to find an opportunity, in doing so he has worked in London, New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and Bali, writing with producers from across the world.

Tom Andrews Body Shot

Tom Andrews Body Shot

Growing up in a non-musical family he was always influenced by the sound of soul and motown, and then later by Queen and modern pop. Tom penned his first songs at 14 in Glasgow with writer, Greg Friel. Among these demos was “Carry Me On”.
They went on to write together several times, with “Carry Me On” chosen by Ellen DeGeneres to be performed live by Tom on her show. Tom was signed to her label 1111, and later on to Interscope, and spent two years writing his album with amazing writers and producers such as Toby Gad, Jorgen Elofsson, RedOne, Fraser T Smith, Julie Frost, Arnthor Birgisson, and Herbie Critchlow amongst others.

It soon became apparent that he had an innate love of writing as well as singing. Unfortunately this first signing was an opportunity that went down in the school of hard knocks. But he says philosophically, “it’s all part of the journey…” And it just gives him more to write about!
Despite his model looks and experiences, his feet remain firmly on the ground. He has built up an impressive army of TomAhawks across Twitter – (65,000 followers,) Youtube – (12,000 subscribers and over 1,000,000 views,) and Facebook – (126,000 likes.) He maintains a close relationship with his fans who have stuck by him through thick and thin.

He now has some 80 songs, some of which were chosen for his first album which never saw the light of day, and he is looking for the right opportunity to progress, make his dream a reality, and have his music heard by the world.

You can see tom at Soccer Six December 1st. Tickets:


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Tom has a verified Twitter account and will be doing a takeover on @MarkMeets later this month so get your questions ready!!

This lad (like us) has set many trending topics and we love getting on-board and promoting HOT talent when we see it.

He also plays guitar and sings which we think is really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each month we celebrate an artist who we feel deserves some recognition, whether they are an undiscovered talent trying to make it into the music business, or an existing star who has not reached the level we feel they deserve to be at!!

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