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Choose your favourite from the below Star Wars characters in our new poll

Star Wars The Force Awakens has shown us a new side to the characters so here is your chance to vote for your favourite.

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Star Wars’ is the closest thing cinema has to a unifying faith: no cultural phenomenon has ever inspired such devotion, such passion for sci-fi!

Who has not done a Yoda impression or used an air lightsabre?

Even those of us who worship at the shrine of Skywalker find our devotion difficult to explain – but we reckon a lot of it has to do with the characters. Pick your favourite below.

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Darth Vader

When people think of Star Wars Vader first comes to mind.

Darth Vader has become a pop culture icon. Even people who have no idea what the Star Wars franchise is about know who Darth Vader is. He also has a lot of quotable movie lines that have become common knowledge. All hail the awesomeness of Lord Vader.M+14

The King of Star Wars Darth Vader is the greatest character in Star Wars history you really really can’t beat him he looks the best he sounds the best and he has the greatest voice in Star Wars history not even darth maul comes remotely close to this legend of a Sith Lord Darth Vader will always be my favourite and he will remain the greatest character in Star Wars history foreverM+1

Hello from the dark side.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Definitely my favourite Star Wars character, he delivers great in all 6 films. In episode 1 he defeats Darth Maul and fulfills his master’s dying wish to train Anakin. In episode 2 he tracks down Padme’s assassins, discovers the Clones for the Republic, finds the droid factories on Geonosis and fights Dooku. In episode 3 he rescues the Chancellor and fights Dooku with Anakin, kills Grievous and nearly kills Darth Vader too. He gives Luke to Vader’s family on Tatooine and watches over him. In the original he disables the Death Star tractor beam and sacrifices himself for Luke and the others to escape. He acts as a spiritual guide to Luke, teaching him some about the Force and using a lightsaber. Both of Kenobi’s actors were the best of any Star Wars actor in my opinion.

Obi-Wan’s is just the most awesome character in Star Wars! He’s an awesome Jedi Master and mentor of Anakin. He defeated General Grievous AND Darth Vader. He was one of the few Jedi to survive the great Jedi Purge, and in the end he gave Luke Anakin’s lightsaber and sacrificed himself to Anakin. Totally the best!

Obi wan Kenobi is almost impossible to dislike in Star Wars. Next to Yoda he may be the most wise Jedi in the whole series. He was a huge part of the prequels because he avenged Qui Gon’s death by heroically defeating Darth maul, training Anakin to become a very powerful Jedi but sadly turning to the dark side, taking out general grievous in a dangerous battle in utapau, and nearly killing Anakin for what he had done to the Jedi council. If you ask me I’d say he is the most likable character in episodes 1,2 and 3.

Han Solo

He has a realistic personality, and he has flaws, unlike Luke, which you could say being a jerk is a bad thing, but as long as you don’t shove it down other peoples throat, it makes you more realistic.

Speaking of Harrison acting as solo, I’ve heard that the actors who originally auditioned to play Han solo were James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Kurt Russel, Al Pacino, Nick Nolte, Perry King, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, and even Christopher Walken along with 1000 other actors.M+3

He is a classic! he will make anyone crack up!

Luke Skywalker

Here’s something I bet you guys didn’t know. I’ve heard that Mark Hamill (the guy who plays Luke Skywalker) and Robert Englund (the guy who plays Freddy Krueger) are both friends in real life. even Robert helped Mark audition for the role as Luke Skywalker.

He’s the hero of them all. Saving all on tattooing, Defeating the dark side, and strongest pall with the force.

Was the only Jedi that could destroy you just by his constant whining. Was the only character that had regular arguments with droids and lose.


Though some people here are wrong, Yoda was not the first Jedi… He is most certainly the most bad ass. As touching as his death scene was… I like to think the reason he kept coming back to say more things to Luke the way he did, was a bit of a joke on his part. As shown in “Empire” he was pretty much the only Jedi who liked to mess with people in a joking manner.M+6

Yoda is the oldest person to be in Star Wars and I love they way he talks: “The lightsaber crystals. Know of their power only Count Dooku would.” He is in so many movies including Episodes 1,2,3,4,5 and six, (I hate the part when he dies) The Clone Wars, and Lego Star Wars. He even has a DVD all about himself: The Yoda Chronicles from Lego Star Wars. Vader should lose number 1 and Yoda should have it!M+1

Yoda is so the best! He was the first an most powerful Jedi ever. He could win a lightsaber battle to anyone because the only reason he died is because of old age. No matter how many people talk me in to not liking him he is always going to be the best!M+3

Yoda is very wise.

Boba Fett

With 4 lines of dialogue and a badass looking suit of armor, he is one of the best looking and most well scripted villain in Star Wars. He was the reason that Han Solo was captured! One of the biggest plot points in the movies! Everybody praises Jango Fett yet he was a remake of Boba (since the prequels came after the originals). Also Jango never really DID anything besides fight. He killed some lame secondary characters and stuff, and Boba would’ve done that too given that there were more than just one Jedi. Jango couldn’t even take down a young Obi-Wan… Boba stood up to Vader and made such a good reputation for himself. His death scene was bull though…

He is just a great character his emotional quality is big because he grew up without a father and wants to take revenge for his fathers death. He is mysterious and doesn’t speak much but his body language is great and you can just see his hate

He is just trying to avenge his fathers (Jango Fetts) death. I feel kinda bad for him because he lost his dad when he was a kid. I also think he is awesome because of his tools like rockets and a flame thrower.

The greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Darth Maul

Such an overrated character. Yeah, he killed Qui Gon. Then Obi Wan supposedly killed him even though he came back in season 3 of the clone wars and killed Duchess Satine because he couldn’t control his anger and wanted revenge. Now, who’s the stronger man, the guys who rages and kills anyone in his way, or the guy who still has not turned even though his master, love interest, and other jedi friends have all been killed. Yeah, coo character design. Big whoop. In all reality, Darth Maul had no clear purpose except for how well received he was by fans. Really, the only reason he was there was to kill Qui Gon so that Obi Wan would have to take Anakin. Seriously overrated.

He is the best star wars character he is evil sinister and is over powered with his jumping skills and his fighting style he could kick any ones butt and he has spikes on his head if he wanted to he could stab them in someone but he didn’t and he has a double sided lightsaber does any one else have one in the actual movie and I want him to come back in the 7th movie.

An iconic figure in the star wars universe. A powerful duelist wrapped in a certain mystery. His only downfall like many sith was his arrogance thinking he could beat Ewan mcgregor!

Lesson learned, you don’t futz with a man that has an Irish last name.

Just the coolest he’s got a dark and amazing back story and he’s unique with his fused double light saber.


Swears so much that every line is bleeped out.

His beeps are hilarious. It’s too bad there’s no number 1A stuff. Then R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker would be tied for number 1.

I’ve heard that R2-D2 is named after a piece of film editor’s jargon. It means “reel 2, dialog 2”.

R2-D2 is my favorite droid in the movies.

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin/Vader had a very difficult life, much suffering/pain/sadness.. Just research his life’s events. Slave/Mom etc… Sky Guy only wanted to save those he loved. Balance and happiness wasn’t a option for him… His destiny was a two thousand year old prophecy! A bigger than life character that embodied good/evil and effected everyone and everything in the universe until his final breathe. His plot equivalence and importance to the franchise is to that of Jesus Christ.

Without Anakin Skywalker there may be no Star Wars. He’s the main character and has more depth than anyone else. He let his ambition get in the way and fell from light to dark and back to redemption fulfilling his destiny as the chosen one.

Anakin is just the most good looking character of all time! I love Hayden AND he’s Danish as I am! I just think that the chosen one prophecy is so legendary that it is said to be made 2000 years ago.. Vote for Anakin if you like the main character of Star Wars.

The best, on ways, all.

Princess Leia Organa

She should be in the top 10 because she teaches girls to be strong and that they can fight for what they believe in. She is also one of the only Disney Princesses to be a warrior/fighter ( Mulan was also one).

No females in the top ten, huh? I think the daughter of the Jedi deserves to be at least #10 – shouldn’t Vader and Anakin be the same?

Princess Leia was still strong even when she was faced by Darth Vader and she watched her planet be destroyed she is very strong.

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