5 Tips to Know Before Purchasing Polaris Ride Command Speakers

Music is the key to having an entertaining riding experience. If you want to make your UTV riding journey exciting, you must consider installing Polaris Ride Command Speakers in your vehicle.

A good system not only helps you in planning and navigating your route but also offers you an excellent audio experience. Adding speakers to ride command is the most effective and easiest way to upgrade your sound system and get better sound quality. The most important thing is that Polaris ride command speakers will not only provide you with very loud sound but also maintain a decent sound quality and clear bass at a minimal sound level. In this article, we will discuss what components a typical kit includes and offer five important tips that you should know before purchasing speakers. 

What Does a Polaris Ride Command Kit Include?

A decent command kit includes multiple components, including a marine-grade amplifier,speakers, subwoofers, and a head unit for music streaming. As you will ride your UTV on critical terrain, the speakers, subwoofers, and amplifier should withstand tough conditions and rough paths. The amplifier should offer compatibility with subwoofers and speakers. The kit may also include wireless speakers, passive radiators, and audio pods to offer you an excellent bass experience. This sound system for ride command is helpful to get high-quality and low-frequency sound. The sound system also offers you realistic sound with the help of subwoofers. You can also connect any device, including Blackberry, Windows, Apple, and Android to your sound system by using a Bluetooth controller or head unit. 

Five Tips to Know:

Tip 1: Consider Sound Quality:

You should never forget to check the sound quality of your speakers while purchasing them. Your UTV engine will create a lot of noise and you can only enjoy the music if the speakers offer loud and clear sound. The power rating of the speakers must be at least 50 watts RMS. 

Tip 2: Check All the Features:

You should verify what are the components you are getting from your kit. Before you purchase, check the specifications of an amplifier, speakers, subwoofers, and head unit. It is also important that your sound system offers Bluetooth connectivity.

Tip 3: Waterproof Rating:

Every audio system has its unique IPX rating for waterproofing qualities. You should choose a sound system that has at least an IPX 6 rating to withstand high-pressure water and heavy sprays of water.

Tip 4: Size & Compatibility:

Sometimes, people buy a huge audio system and then they could not fit that into their UTV vehicle. This is why you first need to check the available space and then assess whether an audio system will perfectly fit into your vehicle or not. You should also consider purchasing a sound system that is compatible with multiple devices.

Tip 5: Consider Durability:

While you will drive through tough terrain and difficult conditions, your audio system may get affected. Therefore, you should purchase a sound system that can tolerate these conditions and offers excellent durability.

These are five crucial tips that you need to know before purchasing speakers. 

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