6 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Bra

A lot of people wear the same bra for way too long. Think about it; when was the last time you got a new bra? If you’re like the majority of people, it’s probably been longer than you’re comfortable sharing. Some of us go months – even years – without purchasing a new bra.

Bras stretch out really quickly, which means they lose the shape and size they once had when you first purchased them. Not only are ill-fitting bras uncomfortable, but they also bring with them multiple negative side effects for your health, including back and neck pain, bad posture, and sensitive skin. 

Today, we’re here to share with you six signs it’s time to buy a new bra. By the end of this article, you’ll instantly be ready to add a new bra to your shopping cart. 

1. It Looks Worn Out 

This first item is a simple yet trustworthy way to determine if it’s time to buy a new bra: see if it looks worn out. Is the color of your bra faded? Has the material started to roll up into little pills? If your bra looks more ancient than recent, that’s a telltale sign that you should probably get a new one. 

2. It Has Been Stretched Out 

While you might think it’s difficult to tell if your bra has stretched since purchasing it, all you have to do is think about which hooks you use to strap your bra in the back. When you first purchase new bras, you should be using the outermost hooks to connect the back of your bra straps. If your new bra doesn’t fit correctly when using the outermost hooks, then you should try a bra with a different band size. The longer you wear the same bra, the more likely you are to start using the inner hooks to secure your bra. Maybe after a few months, you’ll use the second row of hooks and a few months after that, the third row. This gradual backward movement of your bra hooks is a good indicator that it has been stretched out, so if you’re on your final row of bra hooks, it’s time to buy a new one. 

3. The Underwire is Poking You 

Bras are supposed to be comfortable for you to wear all day, but one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is being poked by your bra’s underwire. When the underwire of your bra loses its shape and starts poking you, you can know that that means it’s time to get a new bra. The underwire should maintain its shape for as long as possible, but it’s bound to bend out of shape at some point. When this happens, don’t feel like you need to press through the pain and keep wearing it. Being comfortable should be your top priority when it comes to bras, so invest in a new bra that fits and either has an underwire that doesn’t poke you or no underwire at all. 

4. The Straps are Too Stretchy 

Bra straps should be slightly stretchy and taut. They definitely have to have at least some stretch to them, but they can’t be too much so. If they are, it probably means you’ve been wearing the same bra for too long. Do your bra straps feel like elastic bands? Do they constantly fall off your shoulders? Most bra straps are adjustable, but this feature is only helpful to a certain extent; if your bra straps are so stretchy that they feel like elastic, adjusting them to make them feel tighter won’t do you any good. It’s time to go bra shopping. 

5. You’ve Gained or Lost Weight 

There are many reasons why someone might gain or lose a substantial amount of weight. Maybe you’re pregnant and have gained a few extra pounds, or maybe you’re getting over the flu and have lost some weight because of your sickness. Either way, if you’ve noticed that you’ve gained or lost a decent amount of weight, you should go get yourself measured for a new bra. Your bra cup size or band size could change when your weight fluctuates. Don’t feel like you need to continue to keep wearing the bras you already have if you’ve experienced weight changes. 

6. You’re Uncomfortable 

As mentioned earlier, the most important thing about a bra is whether or not it’s comfortable for your body. Some people may prefer a certain type of bra, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing that type, then you shouldn’t feel pressured to. Your bra choice is all about your body, so if you feel uncomfortable at all in your bra, it’s time to buy a new one that you feel completely comfortable in. 


In summary, here are the six signs it’s time to buy a new bra: 

  • It looks worn out 
  • It has been stretched out 
  • The underwire is poking you 
  • The straps are too stretchy 
  • You’ve gained or lost weight 
  • You’re uncomfortable 

By making a mental checklist of these items, you should be able to quickly tell whether or not it’s time to buy a new bra. Fleur du Mal has many amazing options for comfortable and high-quality bras, so if you ticked the box next to any of these items, head over to the Fleur du Mal online shop for the perfect bra for you.  

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