8 Costumes That Will Make You Stand Out at Your Next Costume Party

If you’re planning to attend a costume party shortly, you’ve probably already begun researching options on your favorite websites and in-person shops. If so, you know that more options are available to you, making choosing one incredibly challenging.

If you’re planning to attend your first party or are a veteran of this tradition, it’s good to have some ideas.

Most costume shop have taken the social scene by storm, providing a place to find Halloween costumes and more without leaving your home! Here are eight ideas that will make you stand out at your next party!


This is an excellent idea for those who want to communicate without saying anything, and it can be a great addition to any other costume. Plus, nobody will know who you are until they come up close and see the suit!


Do you need help deciding what to wear for your next party? If so, these superhero costumes will help you figure out what to wear. 

Take Batman or a harry potter costume, for example. He’s an iconic and popular superhero who has been around for decades. His outfit consists of a cowl and cape with a bat symbol on the chest. Another cool thing is that it can be modified in many ways. For example, if you want to go as Batman but aren’t into capes, then you must skip them! The same goes for the cowl too! 

Spiderman is usually paired with spider webbing, but sometimes other superhero logos will do just as well. Want something different? Spidey’s got nothing on this bat costume, featuring adorable tiny wings and glossy black material. A clear visor completes the ensemble if needed.


No one will forget the princess at the party. This classics are always a crowd-pleaser, and there are many ways to make it your own. Pick your favorite color, add a tiara, or go for a sparkly pair of shoes. 

Want to avoid dressing up like royalty? Add lace trim to an old dress, and you’re all set! Paired with heels and a long, silky veil, this outfit screams fairy tale princess. 

A Ninja

Black garb and a mask will get you in character and provide ample opportunities for sneaking around the party without being detected! All left to find is ninja stars, nunchucks, or throwing knives. Get ready to wreak havoc on your next themed party with this outfit! Pulling together is easy, but you will make sure you stand out from the crowd. 

There are so many ways to have fun with this look: climb trees as your friends watch, show off your ninja skills by pretending you’re escaping from an attack, or show up unexpectedly at someone else’s door just as they answer it and hide before they see who it is! The possibilities are endless when you dress up like a ninja.

An Astronaut 

An astronaut might be a perfect idea if you want something that will make you stand out. There are many different ways to create an astronaut costume, including buying it in a store or making one yourself. 

One way to make your astronaut costume is to buy oversized plastic coveralls and then attach Velcro to the front of the coveralls that can be used to hold on different pieces of NASA gear. These pieces include a helmet, gloves, boots, and any other NASA accessories you would like, such as an oxygen tank. Another way to make your astronaut is by buying the right parts and assembling them.


If you’re looking for a daring costume, try dressing up as an Astronaut. This is great if you want to be the center of attention at your next event. First, pick out a white jumpsuit and put on some astronaut boots to give yourself a that authentic look. 

If you want to go all out with the look, cut out two holes in the front of your suit and fill them with crinkle paper or aluminum foil, this will make it look like you are wearing an astronaut’s suit from the back! Add a wig or wear your hair in pigtails for extra points. Add some red lipstick for effect, and you’ll be ready to go!


Vampires are classic costumes for Halloween. With the recent popularity of Twilight, vampires have been dominating parties and trick-or-treating. 

The most famous vampire costumes are Edward Cullen (for women), Dracula, and Nosferatu. Some people might find these too scary for their taste, so if you want to be a vampire but want to stand out from the crowd.


It may not be the most creative idea, but it’s the most recognizable. And if you’re going to dress up as something overdone, you might as well go all out with this one! All you need is some dark makeup and clothes. Add some green face paint and red eyeshadow, or use your imagination to create your monster design. 


A party without a piece to wear is like an artist without paint! It’s the time to experiment and let your creative juices flow. One of the best ways to find a fantastic idea is by browsing through the costumes available at your local shop.

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